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Adventures in English

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Improve your English dramatically with a NET (from UK) who has been a professional WRITER for a variety of international magazines -- and who also holds a B.A. degree, and a TESOL certificate.

-- Taught at HK University of Science & Technology, and in various Primary & Secondary schools all over Hong Kong -- as well as having taught in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, England, America, etc.  

-- Many years experience, teaching students of all ages -- from 3.5 years up to 55.  Gain confidence in speaking.  Learn how to get your point across.  And ENJOY speaking English!

-- For younger students, tuition can also include segments on Critical Thinking.

-- Reasonable rates ($425/$495), with discount for two or more students together, and those booking for two months or more.

-- Call any time for your initial lesson -- just five minutes walk from the MTR station.

-- Further details (including my website URL) can be sent to you by email or WhatsApp.

-- Write for details, or simply send a WhatsApp message with your email address.

-- Mr Green, 6070-4538

* Also: Lessons also via the Internet (Skype) -- WA for details!




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