Great Learning Education Centre was found since 2006. Our former company is known as Great Learning Correspondence School. The school was set up by practitioners in the Business and Information Technology sectors led by Dr. Steve Yu. We offer professional training, academic courses, and consultancy services.    

  Our mission is to deliver knowledge in the most innovative, comprehensive and economical way.    

Training Services    
  IT Soft Skill Training Specialist
To cope with the demand on soft skill training, we have successfully developed and offered dozens of IT soft skill courses.     

  Emphasis on Academic and Professional Training
We realize the importance of academic and professional qualifications. After completion of most of our professional courses, students may apply for exemptions on your academic awards.     

  Comprehensive and innovative style
As IT fields of knowledge are inter-related, our trainers inspire students by exploring different realms of knowledge.     

  Competitive Pricing
We would minimize the most expensive cost – advertising in the training industry. The cost saved will thus benefit students with a much lower training fee.     

  Close relationship
We believe that students are not customers; Dr. Steve Yu has built close relationships with his students, and provides advices in their academic and working problems.    

Classes are solely delivered by Dr. Steve Yu and practitioners currently working in the field of the taught subjects.     

  Free probation
Students may free to sit in any course for half a lesson which they would like to enroll to justify the quality of a class.    

  Unlimited re-sit
Suitable for students who occasionally work overtime. Students can also re-sit the lessons as they feel like, to reinforce the ideas and theories, especially before they will have to sit for the exam.

Office hours (辦公時間)
Mon - Sat: 12:00 noon - 10:00 p.m.; closed on Sunday and public holidays. 
星期一至星期六: 正午十二時至晚上十時; 星期日及公眾假期休。
Enquiry (查詢)
Tel :(852) 3580-1908
Fax :(852) 3579-0110
E-mail :
Enrollment Office (報名中心)
Room 1202 - 1204, 12/F, Nathan Centre, 580 G-K Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
香港九龍旺角彌敦道 580 G-K 號彌敦中心 12 樓 1202 - 1204 室 
Classroom - Self-owned property (自置物業)
Room 701, 7/F, Nathan Centre, 580 G-K Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
香港九龍旺角彌敦道 580 G-K 號彌敦中心 7 樓 701 室 

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