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Studio Club

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Inspired by the classic music venues of New York, STUDIO is an intimate lounge nostalgic of a retro era with walnut textures, copper tones, a house band and premium cocktail bar. Evenings at STUDIO commence with a LOUNGE vibe beckoning an after work crowd looking to indulge in a stimulating yet soothing environment. Mid evening, LIVE sessions entice music aficionados and like-minded guests with a social spark. As evening transitions to night, LATE begins with resident and guest DJs spinning nightly. With amped up bass and irresistible tunes, LATE transforms the venue into an upscale, exclusive club making way for a discerning late night crowd. STUDIO’s house and visiting bands are a seasoned international mix, ensured to keep guests captivated with an array of genres. Expect live music every night covering Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin and RnB dependent on the day. The intriguing ambience, live music and uniquely crafted drinks menu will keep guests mesmerized by the STUDIO experience. Low key and subtle on the outside, yet surreptitiously heaving on the inside. What happens in STUDIO – stays in STUDIO

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