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包場派對, 聖誕包場, 除夕包場, 新年包場, 生日包場

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聯絡我們預約你最理想的地點包場慶祝聖誕, 新年, 生日! 



Book your perfect venue for Private Party Celebration, Christmas and New Year 

PRESENT is an exclusive yet inviting café and bar, with simple European and open-door design, in the heart of Kowloon. 

The exclusivity and versatility of our place makes it suitable for a range of private/ corporate events, including birthday parties, after parties, alumni gatherings, etc. Our personalized service ensures that all your needs are met.

We offer a range of western dishes, such as American burgers, pizzas, pastas, and other snacks. We also offer fresh draught beer, specialty cocktails, classic red/ white wine, champagne, as well as a variety of whiskeys for you.

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