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有米種子- 提供優質園藝種子

您將會在有米種子找到各種適合你種植環境的花朵 / 疏菜種子, 讓您能輕易栽種出您喜歡的植物, 提升生活品質.   
我們提供來自世界各地的種子, 這些種子都是優質及安全, 並獲得"植物檢疫證書", 以確保絕非包含基因改造成份.
我們的種子都是貯存於真空裝置, 並存放於空調室, 讓客戶在我們購得的種子處於最新鮮的狀態。
每天只需花費10至15分鐘, 便可享受栽種的 樂趣 / 益處.  我們希望促進社會大眾栽種的風氣。

電話 : 93409530
電郵 : info@yummyseeds.com.hk
網址 : https://www.yummyseeds.com.hk


We are the best local seeds seller. Take a look at our product range, you will find the seeds which are suitable for the location targeted for your lovely plants.
We aim to source quality seeds from over the world . We provide  "safe" and "best" seeds and we don't provide Genetic Modified seeds. We import seeds with the Phytosanitary Certificate (seeds are safe and free from any kind of ).
We supply the safest seeds that grow the plants and food which do not intend to bring any potential harm to nature and to our health.
We store them in vacuum jars stored in temperature controlled rooms when the seeds arrived, to keep the seeds most freshness condition when delivered to you.
Just take you 10 to 15 minutes per day. It's indeed cost you very cheap to form the habit. We wish to promote Gardening to form a habit, this is good for us and our younger generations.
You can find different varieties of seeds according fit to your needs and planting locations.  Some plants can still grow well in balcony or your kitchen. We encourage container gardening (grow your flavorite plants in a container). It is most suitable for gardening in hong kong and we offer the best seeds to all home gardeners.
It's the simplest gateway for home gardening.

電話 : 93409530
電郵 : info@yummyseeds.com.hk
網址 : https://www.yummyseeds.com.hk

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