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Mimics Doll *make your Wedding dolls*

來相訂造結婚公仔~Wedding Doll

Bring your doll to the wedding
  You can take artistic wedding photos creatively, make greeting cards, arrange the wedding venue, and do other else with your mimic wedding doll! It remains as a best wedding souvenir.
We insist on hand-made each mimics doll
  All mimics dolls and their clothes are hand-made carefully by Taiwanese designers with more than 10-year experience. It is worth collecting them!
Face of Mimics doll
  The way of making the face of the doll is by Embroidery. It is the best way to make it lifelike. The face shape is also designed based on the photo you provide for us.
Hair of Mimics doll
  You are able to change the hair style simply with your hand or a comb.
Costume of Mimics doll
  We now have several sets of costumes that allow you to choose, and each of them is meaningful. (ex. the prince and the little mermaid!)
Mimics doll can speak (24sec recordable and able to repeat)
  You may record a message before you give the doll to your lover.
Birthday certificate of Mimics doll
  You will see following information on the certificate card: date of birth, name of mimics doll, sex, the masquerade role, and even also able to write down your best wishes!
Label of Mimics doll
  Please check the label with "Mimics Doll the Masquerade" to identify your mimics doll to prevent a fraud or fake one!!! All Mimics dolls are designed and manufactured by Mimic.
Package of Mimics doll
  All Mimics dolls will be placed and packaged in a lovely box to send to their new family.
Fees for postage, please take a look our order form

Our dolls are all hand-made, and limited-made every week. It usually takes 15 working days for the doll. Therefore please contact us to let us know when you wish to have your doll before you send us the order form and place the bid.

All Mimics Dolls are made in Taiwan, and send to their new family directly from Taiwan. Therefore the price is calculated with Taiwanese Dollars.

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