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蘋果In-Smart Apple Authorized Reseller 授權經銷商

In-Smart Apple Authorized Reseller 授權經銷商

***OTO *** 全身多功能頸部肩部背部按摩器按摩捶







斯爾電訊,通訊器材.配件 XELL Telecom is a supplier of top quality brand-name electronic gadgets, like Mobile, PDA and digital camera accessories. We were founded in 2005. Our mission is to provide high-quality a

We provide electronic assemblies,lighting fixtures, plastic toolings, etc.

JetFax Resources is a professional trading and manufacturing in Mainland China since 1998. Our factory are dedicated in manufacturing electronic assemblies (either through-holes, SMT or mixed, COB pr

Yes is intent on bringing awe-inspiring consumer electronics products to users worldwide

Yes Motto Yes's motto: to simplify how people live their lives. The digital future is defined by your needs and your wants. We are here to fulfill those needs. We will walk with you to make your life

With the excellent after sales service

X600 PDA智能手機 X500+ PDA智能手機 M700 PDA智能手機 X500 PDA智能手機 M600+ PDA智能手機 G500 GPS Pocket PC Phone M600 PDA智能手機 M500 PDA智能手機 P300 PDA智能手機 P700 PDA智能手機 P603 PDA智能手機 P610 電子手賑 FT602 1.8"TFT屏幕, 內置1GB MP32

We looks forward to serving You and be one of your Preferred suppliers

Voyager looks forward to the privilege of being recognized as one of your Preferred suppliers Product Description Model No.: 966 MP3 Player 256Mb Digital Music Encoding LCD :112*32 dot size 99 USB 1.

With our market exposure and professional performance and the supply of quality products

LCD TV First year or above free maintenance service which includes on-site service with Free Labour, LCD Panel and Replacements of genuine Nachus parts. For details, please contact with us or the ret

We are an authorized distributor of an innovative brand from South Korea

Net-Tech Products Limited, a PC peripherals and accessories products distributor, focuses _disibledevent="15" />from South Korea. Net-Tech is a subsidiary of International Holdings Ltd., a company li


德華材料檢測有限公司獨家代理許多聲譽卓著的國際知名的最先進科學儀器和設備,其中尤以無損檢測和金相理化設備為主。我們提供材檢測儀器和無損檢測以及金相理化方面的設備,包括X光機、伽瑪射線機、超聲波探傷儀、渦流儀、洩漏儀、磁粉探傷儀、著色滲透劑、聲發射檢測儀器和設備、內窺鏡、顯微鏡、圖像分析系統、微硬度計、鋼鐵車間切口機、試樣制備機和其他實驗室儀器。 多年來我們已經為各種特殊行業提供檢測設備和技術,比

Discharge Gun for Electrostatic Discharge Simulator

地址 : 香港九龍官塘 駿業街 62號京貿中心 二字樓B室 電話 : (852) 2763 0383 (852) 2343 3221 傳真 : (852) 2763 0123 電郵 : [email protected] Address: Unit B, 2/Floor, Capital Trade Centre, 62 Tsun Yip Sreet, Kwun Tong, Kowlo


我們是一家專門提供各大廠牌印表機之墨水匣的總代理商,我們秉持著,我們秉持著優良品質、專業服務、優惠價錢、及安全購物的經營理念,讓您買的安心,用的放心,對我們有信心,讓您享受有如原廠同級的高品質墨水,是原廠墨水以外的第一選擇 。 斥資引進與原廠相容之副廠墨水匣,並聘請多位維修工程師做售後服務.本著良好的晶圓工廠實驗室生產環境製造, 將成本回歸客戶的主要訴求, 我們 代理各種品質優良的產品,直接銷售

Having possessed profound knowledge and experiences on CMOS sensor and IC packaging and testing

COMPANY PROFILE Winfield Vision Technology Ltd. was founded in 1999 to take part in the digital electronics world , and has become a customer and market oriented Original Design Manufacturer, especia

Best business relationship with most of the China local department store and photographic shop in IT

RICOH Digital Camera RICOH DC Caplio R6 7.24 Megapixel, 28-200mm, 7.1X Zoom, 20mm body, Vibration Correction Function Caplio GX100 10.1 Megapixel, 24-72mm, 3X Zoom, Electronic View Finder GR Digital


MODLE: 5610S this mobile looks sim NOKIA5610 .but it is two sim card mobile,and sim time together,two bluetooth,have FM radio.price is HK$910 .A large quantity of concessions

BRAND NEW UNLOCKED NOKIA N95 8GB 5mp camera GPS mp3 video $350USD

Description: Network GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 Generals Size: 102 x 50 x 17.9 mm, 86 cc; Weight: 140 g Display TFT, 16M colors, 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches Memory 8 GB onboard memory D
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