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    GIA GEMOLOGİCAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA. GIA DIAMOND DOSSIER February 27, 2008 Laser Inscription Registry.GIA 14542965 Snape and Cutting St Measurements.. 4.68 4.73 x 2.91 Round Briliant GRADING RESULTS- GIA 4CS 0.40 carat LI Color Grade Clarity Grade Cut Grade Very Good ADDITIONAL GRADING INFORMA Clarity Characteristics. Needle, Pinpoint Finish Polish Symmetry Very Good Excellent Fl Laser Inscription: H&A None The World's Foremost Authority in Gemolagy .hk  Text,
    GIA GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA COLORED DIAMOND GRADING REPORT GIA CLARITY SCALE GIA COLD DIAM SCALE September 28, 2011 o Laser Inscr ription Registry.GIA 5131798661 Shape and Cutting Style Pear Modified Brilliant Measurements11.70 x 7.21 x 5.48 mm LAVRESS เถ 3.26 carat NATURAL FANCY BROWNISH GREENISH YELLOW Carat Weight C Color Origin WS Grade Even 31, Clarity Grade.. Finish Excellent Polish Symmetry. Very Good Medium Blue Fluore Pinpoints are not shown. 76.0% extremely Profile not to actual proporti KEY TO SYMBOLS Natural Crystal Feather Indented Natural bak symbits denote external Rad syntois dncte intimal chracteraties (inclusi ns) Green shown indcate type postion and apprwinate sizs of clanty characteristics Ai santy characterisics .hk  Text,Document
    .hk  Ring,Engagement ring,Fashion accessory,Jewellery,Body jewelry
    .hk  Ring,Jewellery,Fashion accessory,Yellow,Engagement ring
    .hk  Silver,Metal,
    .hk  Pattern,Line,Design,Circle
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