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Natural Rough Diamonds for sale

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Natural Rough Diamonds

We own a mining company and we are one of the leading miners 

and exporters of natural uncut rough diamonds in different 

carats sizes. We offer at very good rate and we strive to 

satisfy all our buyers with best quality and efficiency. 

Contact us for more information. We are always ready to 

at The the Carat sizes: 1 the CRT, for CRTS 2, 4 for CRTS, for CRTS. 8, to 10 for CRTS. 

20 for CRTS
at The the Minimum at The the Order: 10 carats..
Supplys apos Ability: 30.000 Carats / month The at The
3-5 at Days DEPENDING the ON the Location at The
Packagings apos: Temper Proof Seal at The Box or the AS per the Customers 

the Business Card US at The Direct the with your Email address and the Business Card 

telephone number, so that we can send to you an email  

Arrangements for Australia Australia Further Immediately is the Business IS.
Please now for the Business Card and More Best the Details and Prices 

please do not forget to leave an email so that we can send 

you details Thanks Email us at :. [email protected]

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