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Oraffi Jewellery Manufacturing Limited specialize in GIA Certified Loose Diamonds, Diamond Propose Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Wedding Rings, Diamond Anniversary Rings, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Necklaces, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Bracelets, Gemstone Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, etc.


We offer the largest collection of the finest diamonds with exquisite design and craftsmanship. Contact me to take advantage of our Diamond Price Match Verification service. We'll compare the price and quality of our diamonds to match your ideal diamond. Our quality is defined by a thousand details. Before diamond can bear its name, it must first pass a series of rigorous inspections by our graduate gemologists.


What we guarantee:

1. No Pressure, No Intimidation, No Pretentiousness!

2. Conflict Free Diamonds, Sustainable Metal Sourcing!

3. Certified Diamonds, Exquisite Materials, Skilled Craftsmen!


1. 沒有壓力、沒有脅迫、沒有自負!

2. 無衝突鑽石、可持續開採!

3. 認證的鑽石、精美的材料、熟練的技工!

I am an official sales representative of Oraffi Jewellery, will help you to possess GIA certified diamonds at incredible low prices. Browse our extensive database of certified diamonds at www.oraffi.net. Our website is very user-friendly and my one-stop sales service is customer-oriented. Please follow the 5 simple steps listed below for an easy, safe and fun diamond O2O shopping experience.


1. Scan our QR Code or click our web link to browse our certified diamond database.

2. Search your dream diamonds with one or more refined features.

3. Scan my QR Codes or find my info to contact me by phone, mobile messaging app or email.

4. Tell me about your ideal item or your request for our Diamond Price Match Verification service.

5. Visit our company to check items, get certificate, choose setting, ask questions and complete transaction.

1. 掃描我們的QR Code或點擊我們的連結瀏覽我們認證鑽石的資料庫。

2. 利用一個或多個的優化特點搜尋你心儀已久的鑽石。

3. 掃描我的QR Code或尋找我的資料以電話、手機通訊程式或電郵聯絡我。

4. 告知我己找到的理想項目或提出對我們Diamond Price Match Verification服務的要求。

5. 到訪我們公司檢查鑽石、獲取證書、挑選鑲嵌底座、查詢問題及完成交易。

Sandy Lee
Sales No. ISY-SN-5387

WeChat/LINE: poshan_fun


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