《We have two main products categories》      

Professional Studio Equipments (專業影樓攝影器材)

The products for Professional Studio Equipments are :
Studio Flash Lights (閃光燈), Outdoor Flash Lights (外拍閃光燈), Studio Flash Light Kits (閃光燈套裝), Softboxes (柔光箱), Light stands (燈架), Reflectors (反光板), Umbrellas (反光傘), Speedrings (閃光燈配件), and other related accessories, eg. Trigger or Radio Slave (觸發器), Remote Shutter Release (無線快門), etc.

 Photographic accessories (攝影配件)

The products for Photographic accessories are :
Tripods (三腳架), Monopods (獨腳架), Ballheads (雲台), Camera Bags (相機袋及背包), Filters (濾光), Accessories for Flashes kit (閃光燈配件套裝)

 ↓ 4 main products lines

a)      FOMEX – Professional Studio Equipments with accessories ;


b)      GODOX – Professional Studio Equipments with accessories ;


c)      MANDA – Professional Studio Equipments with accessories, 
                            Photographic accessories ;


d)      CLIKELITE – Photographic accessories – Camera Bags




About Us:
With more than 15 years selling and trading of professional photographic equipments, Manda is now the agents of some famous brands including FOMEX, GODOX, of photo studio equipment; Clikelite of adventure bags and pouches, etc. Our products are specialised in Studio Workshop, like studio flash lights of different power, continuous lights, softboxes, light stands, umbrellas, reflector panels, background supports. There are also the consumer lines as camera tripods, camera bags. These products with high tech - best quality and are user-friendly. With the long term experience and market acceptability of the products, Manda has launched also own line of equipment for amateur. Prices are also reasonable in order for introducing the products being more popular.

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