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852.hk.cn 直徑5x19.2CM 旅行用/家用 智能投影儀/機;上求善道 下護眾生,中國香港上善;接口:HDMI/USB2.0/TF卡/3.5mm耳机接口/DC

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2019-02-22 刊登者: 美馳1111 電器
    規格參数 CPU 主控四核A53處理器+' 1GB 8Gv 2.4G/5G DIP,美國德州1儀器(T 高透光鍍膜鏡頭( 100 ANSI流明 RGB三基色 854×480- 12-200英寸+' 0.5-3m RAM 存儲. Wifi 標準解析度 標準投影距離. 距調整' 動調節 Android6.0 Bluetooth 4.0 紅紫外線遙控+' 身歷聲喇叭, 4Ω3VV- AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz輸入DC5V/2.5A輸出 HDMI/USB2.0/TF卡/35mm耳機介面/DC in- 19250 50mmy 遙控器+' 揚聲器+ 電源+ 規格尺寸  text,font,line,area,screenshot
    Parties Tel: (852) 2365 7931 微信: 852 66116495  Motor vehicle,Transport,Vehicle,Travel trailer,RV
    19.2cm   product,product,
    rres 90° Tel: (852) 2365 7931  product,product,electronics,multimedia,
    Tel: (852) 2365 7931 微信: 852 66116495 100 75 50" e- 107.5cm 151cm 220cm 284cm  Product,Output device,Electronics,Multimedia,Technology

852.hk.cn 直徑5x19.2CM 家用智能投影儀

 K5H main selling points :

1. Simple Round Shape ,

2. Aluminum Housing: Imported aluminum material CNC unibody as metal jacket, highlighted CNC edge, sturdy and durable housing

3. Rotating Lens: Patented design,adjust the direction and angle freely ,the only one in the market .

4. Limitless Focus: Patented design, rotate to adjust the focus without limitation

5. Embedded System: Embedded Android 6.0  System, WiFi Bluetooth connection without external devices, enjoy mass video&music resources from the Internet

6. Built-in Speakers;Built-in 3W ultra-perfect Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker, it is vision feast and auditory tour as well. suits for singsong .

7. Comes with Screen Mirroring: Project the info. from mobile phone, computer, tablet PC etc,via wireless screen mirroring

8: with big Battery 6000mah  ,working time 130 minutes ,also can charge with power bank

9: Delicate Keys: Extreme artistic highlighted keys, easy operation anytime

10: Light and Portable: Cinema in the pocket, enjoy your trip with it anytime anywhere.

11:Rich language choice over 30 kinds of language , include English ,Chinese ,French , Germany , Spain  ,Italy ,Saudi Arab ,Japanese , Korean , Russia  , Portuguese, Japanese etc ,the market is broader.

12:With hdmi port , connect computer and TV box  very easy

13: support front , ceiling , rear projection

limitless focus


support front, ceiling ,rear projection

only 490g , small and portable ,easy to take

852.hk.cn 直徑5x19.2CM 旅行用/家用 智能投影儀;


Certifitions & factory report


2: FCC



5:MSDS UN38.3 

6: Sea report , air report  

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