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TV LG OLED B7 - 55 "incl. Wall mount

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2018-11-23 刊登者: Doriana
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Sold due to relocation.

I'm saying goodbye to a TV that has embraced the most incredible movie moments for almost a 6months, with an image quality I barely thought was possible. Last year's best TV, sold at a discounted price.
The LG OLED B7 uses the same panel and processing as its sibling, LG E7 (21,990, -) and LG W7 (44,990, -). This means that the image quality is identical.
OLED technology has its strength in bottomless black level, giving infinite contrast and incredible color tones. LG's model surpasses its competitors on brightness, and among OLED is the best HDR experience that is up to date. Just as surpassed by just launched the LG C8.
The device sold is in complete depleted condition, in the same condition as from the store. All original accessories are included, as well as a very good wall mount from Architect, which minimizes the wall and supports up to 40 kg.

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