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Sonashi Electronics Ltd.

In a world where only the very best succeed, the success story of Sonashi has been exemplary.
Incorporated in 1993 in Hong Kong, Sonashi became a leading name in the Electronics industry in just over a decade.
Emphasis on quality,design and  innovation of our products have resulted in significant progress in sales and excellent response from satisfied customers.

Quality and performance - hand in hand!
Since its inception,Sonashi has been associated with superior quality audio products. Our stringent quality standards are well maintaines throughout the entire process of manufacturing. Our department for quality control together with their team of engineers conduct online and pre-shipment inspections for all orders.

We take pride in delivering OEM products meeting upto Aql 0.65 major / 1.5 minor to well known Japanese brands,including Mass Retailers, hyper markets, reputable importers in Europe and America.

Before releasing for shipment, all the products are put through stringent life tests, drop tests, and temperature control tests.

In todays fast changing and versatile global market, an increasingly competitive and innovative approach is required to meet the challenges of the market.With new products,advanced technology and customer satisfaction being our motto, Sonashi is all set to venture into the future to meet the challenges of poviding latest technology products at very competitive prices.

Address: 1606 Peninsula Square,
18 Sung On Street,
Hunghom, Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2365 6528
Email: info@sonashi.com
Website : http://www.sonashi.com/


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