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Cryptex USB Flash Drive 16GB  - Information Security and Cool Design    Special offer : HKD200


The irresistible charm of Cryptex lies in its lock, several rotating rings with letters or digits.  As quantity of cybercrimes constantly rises, the idea of protecting digital data mechanically seems more and more appealing, especially when the implementation is so great.  Our Cryptex looks steampunk, victorian and industrial at the same time and helps preventing data theft.  Besides, it adds an element of a game and fun into everyday life.


Grinder Bluetooth Speaker     Special offer : HKD120


Suitable for any smartphones, laptops and tablets with Bluetooth support for a constant music stream.  The sound of the device is extremely authentic, bright and clear allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the music world.  The device also allows a user to have an ergonomic and convenient control over "hands-free" function.

400mAh battery enables a minimum of 4 hours of constant music streaming.




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