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KODAK The Art of Digital Photography

更新於: 2015-07-08 376 刊登者: Academic & Professional Book Ctr.

KODAK The Art of Digital Photography: Digital Photo Design: How to Compose Winning Pictures
By Paul Comon

Publisher: Lark Books
Paperback | 160 pages

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Book Description:

The revolution in digital technology has turned us all into shutterbugs. Never before has it been so easy to snap photos and share them instantly. But what about the quality of these images? Does simply owning a digital camera make you a first-rate photographer? For those who want to take a better picture, this lavishly illustrated guide reveals the art of composing incredible photos in any scenario. Written with care from a long-time industry professional and digital photography expert, it leads you through every aspect of good composition, asking questions that go beyond the usual aesthetic parameters. Do you know why the Fibonacci Numbers are a powerful compositional tool? Have you considered lines of force in your photos? Do you utilize the golden rectangle to the highest advantage? These are just a few of the illuminating ideas Paul Comon presents to enhance your perception of what makes a well-composed photograph—and which will have you taking great-looking photos faster than you ever imagined possible.