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Offering the widest range of products and services!

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Regus is the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions, offering the widest range of products and services that allow individuals and companies to work however, wherever, and whenever they need to.

Regus operates over 950 business centres across 400 cities in 70 countries. Products and services include fully furnished, equipped and staffed offices, world-class business support services, meeting conference and training facilities and the largest network of public videoconference rooms all serving over 200,000 clients daily.

Regus also supports the growing trend of mobile and home working. Supporting workers at home and on the road, with services such as Virtual Office and Virtual PA providing dedicated business addresses as their business base as well as mail and call handing services. Regus also operates business centres in airports and other commercial hubs to serve clients wherever they find themselves working.

Companies of all sizes use Regus solutions to reduce costs and remove the burden of property ownership and management and to have a workplace to suit however they want to work.

The Regus Story

British entrepreneur Mark Dixon was inspired to start Regus during a business trip to Brussels, Belgium, where he noticed how many business people were forced to work from hotels for lack of a more professional environment. He concluded that there must be a better way to work on the road and at home. Dixon’s vision was to transform the way companies managed their global real estate needs by having them outsource their office space requirements to a service provider.

With this goal in mind, he launched Regus in 1989 with a single business center in Brussels. Met with strong demand, Dixon quickly developed a global network of fully equipped, furnished and staffed business center places to work that businesses could use on terms that met their unique needs. Today, more than half of the Fortune 500, along with thousands of small- and medium-sized companies, are outsourcing some part of their office requirements to Regus. As a result, companies have reduced their facility costs, increased employee productivity, and are more focused on their core business.

The Business Case for Regus

Executives across business sectors, geographic locations, and from every size organization, seek to more effectively manage business risk, maximize their financial resources, and increase their flexibility to accommodate growth and the dynamic changes in the market. With property constituting more than 40 percent of the total assets of many of the world’s leading corporations, these businesses are increasingly looking at office space requirements as a strategic component of their business plan. Regus enables companies to maintain that needed flexibility by helping them minimize their second largest cost of doing business: the expenses associated with leasing, equipping and staffing their office space.

Workplace outsourcing enables companies to rapidly seize new market opportunities because the office infrastructure is already in place, which is particularly beneficial when businesses are setting up offices in emerging markets. Each business center location includes a client-driven mix of offices, meeting rooms and common areas. An advanced communications system, network access and IT and administrative support are also standard features. Additionally, clients can utilize Regus’ full menu of business services, including meeting rooms, video conferencing, business support services, and catering -- on a pay-per-use basis.

Regus office space, meeting rooms, training rooms and conference rooms are located at premier addresses in city centers, central business districts or business parks with convenient access to major airports or public transportation. Clients sign a one-page agreement and can move into their new space literally overnight.

Regus Office Space Has a Growing Presence

The Regus Group is traded on the London Stock Exchange (RGU.L) and maintains an aggressive growth strategy. Following its “right place, right time” concept and the changing nature of global business, the company has made several landmark transactions in recent years.

In April 2001, Regus acquired Stratis, a U.S.-based network of franchised business centers, which provided the company with a franchising footprint in the U.S. market. And in a deal driven by customer demand for a global workplace outsourcing provider, Regus acquired HQ Global Workplaces, the United States’ leading business center operator, in July 2004.

Regus’ increased scale, coverage and extensive product offering means customers around the world can tailor Regus services to meet their specific needs. And, as more companies seek to maximize productivity and improve profit margins with a mobile workforce, the Regus Group offers a unique blend of services to implement the strategy easily and efficiently.

Regus Group plc - Company Details

Regus Group plc is registered in England with company number 4868977 and its registered office is at 3000 Hillswood Drive, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0RS, UK.

Regus Options

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