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A World Class Environmental and Health-care Products' Distributor.

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Who we are?

A World Class Environmental and Health-care Products' Distributor.


The core business focuses mainly on distributorship and marketing of various environmental and health care consumer & electronics products, with leadership position in in Hong Kong and Macau market.

Uni-Com Manufactory sets up in December 2003 and becomes the authorized distributor of Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners for Hong Kong market since March 2004. With our rapid expansion, Uni-Com Asia-Pacific Limited is established since March 2005.

We become the Exclusive Distributor of World Class Brand Names of Kaz, Honeywell and Stinger consumer products for Hong Kong and Macau market since March 2005.

We are now also the HKSAR Government Recognized Supplier (Registration No.: 1055934) and Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department Indoor Air Quality Control Facilities Supplier respectivity. We can accept HKSAR Government orders through Government Purchase Card Merchant No :820-051018653.

Why select us as partner?

We are your universal companion (Uni-Com).
We are “A Place Help to Save the Earth”.
We are a World Class Environmental & Health-Care
     Products' Distributor.
We implement and promote environmental by :

1. Start a Waste Paper Recycling Program in Office & factory.

2. Reduce use of papers in Office & factory.

3. Green concepts' working atmosphere in Office & factory.

4. All staff are encouraged to anticipate half day community visits or environmentally functions in every month.

Visions :

Be your Universal Companion (UNI-COM).
A Place Help to Save the Earth.
A World Class Distributor.

Mission Statements:

Our mission is to provide professional and best electronic products for the consumer industry, and to become the world class environmental & health cares products' distributor.


We are committed to serving our customers with the highest quality and conducting our business in an ethical, honorable manner.


To increase the public's awareness towards environmental friendly so as the company becomes "A Place Help to Save the Earth".


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