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專業優質服務令客戶更專注公司的發展! Our professionals are ready to assist you! Let you focus on your development.

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Js Green Limited is proud to be the local agent and approved installer of USA greenscreen® green facade system.

greenscreen® is a three-dimensional modular trellis system/ green facade system providing you with endless combinations for creating green facades, freestanding elements, shapes and fencing. greenscreen® can transform space or define it… act as a wall, change a facade or create an environment.


We also provide project management and construction/ fitting out services to our clients.  Please send in your inquiry now.





Project Management


Our project management team specializes in interior decoration, renovation, greenscreen® vertical greening and sustainable energy installation and special construction projects.








Partnering with reputable design consultants, we are cable in delivering good branding effect to our client’s projects.


Our mission is to create value for our customers and deliver quality services at world class standard. With our experienced team in design, building construction and construction project management, we are able to develop practicable and innovative ideas with services that exceed client’s expectations.


Our design team knows the client well by discussing and understanding the users’ preference and daily habits.  Thus a well-organized space utilization and division of function areas could be done.  The spatial planning would fit the users’ personal character, fitted with tailor-made furniture and designer pieces to allow enjoyment of the premises.



我們的使命是為客戶創造價值,和提供具世界級的優質服務。 我們具備經驗的樓宇建造及項目管理團隊,能提供實務與創新的意見,服務超越客戶預期。





  • greenscreen® facade and trellis system
  • Interior Decoration and Fitting Out Works
  • Alteration & Addition Works, Renovation Building  Projects
  • Conservation & Revitalization Projects
  • Demolition and Site  Formation Works
  • Maintenance Works


greenscreen® 專業綠化







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