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中環分店新張優惠 Lash Artist -Lash Salon-LKF

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LASH ARTIST is dedicated to giving you the most beautiful eyelash extensions while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural lashes.

The combined knowledge and experience of our CLASSIC & VOLUME Lash Technicians ensures that you will get the perfect look that suits your specific image, eye shape, and lifestyle.

Lash Artist is a lash salon solely dedicated to eyelash treatments. All products are imported from Japan, and have the relevant safety, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial certifications.

All eyelash artists have many years of experience. After you have booked the treatment online, you will fill a consultation form in the establishment, in order to get the right set of eyelashes based on your eye shape and desired design.

All treatments are then conducted in separate rooms, with tools thoroughly disinfected in a specific UV disinfection machine. Each guest will also be clean with disinfectant spray before using the room.


資歷 - 所有客人均由多年經驗資深美睫師負責

過程 - 客人會先填表格諮詢,選擇合適眼型款式,設計一套獨一無二的眼睫毛!

私隱 - 所有客人會安排獨立房間進行療程,私人度極高。

衛生 - 所有工具都會放入紫外線消毒機徹底消毒。客人使用房間前均會用消毒噴霧徹底清潔一遍。





Tel : 63614756

[email protected]lashartist.com

1/F, 54 D’Aguilar Street, Central



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