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SARA PIERCED ME! 香港唯一職業人體師穿環師

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你好!我是Sara,我是香港唯一 “國際職業穿環會APP” 贊助的職業人體穿環師。我出生在加拿大受過訓練的專業人體穿環師。 最初從多倫多有多年經驗,我嚴格遵守美國/北美的身體穿環技術和衛生標準,實行西方專家級的人體穿環手工技術。我只使用醫院手術級一次使用的 (single-use only) 和鈦金屬人體穿環針。 為您的舒適和安心。

所有的環和所用穿環工具是高壓滅菌為了您的安全。我所有的人體穿環針和工具都是單只使用,並在每一個客戶的面前打開。我只用醫院手術級的不銹鋼(Stainless Steel 316LVM)和鈦金屬(Titanium G23)的環和穿環工具,消除過敏性或細菌性反應的機會。我用的不銹鋼金屬這個等級是在美國醫院用於外科手術器械的類型相同。



website: http://SARApierced.me

whatsapp: +(852) 6779-1310

email: [email protected]

Instagram: @Raurz

Facebook: SaraPiercedMe

地址:  65 豉油街, 2/F , 旺角 

Hello! My name is Sara, and I have been piercing professionally in Hong Kong for 5 years. Originally from Toronto, Canada, I strictly adhere to US/ North American hygiene standards and techniques practiced in the Western body modification industry. I perform all piercings by hand using single-use, surgical grade Stainless Steel needles and the highest quality jewellery for your comfort and peace of mind.

All jewellery and tools used for your piercings are autoclave sterilized for your safety, and all of my piercing needles and tools are single-use only and opened in front of each and every client. I only use the highest grade of Surgical Stainless Steel (316LVM) and Titanium (G23) in my jewellery and piercing equipment to eliminate the chances of an allergic or bacterial reaction. This grade of Stainless Steel is the same type used in US hospitals for surgical instruments.

If you have any questions about my services or general piercing questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I am open to helping my clients regarding new and existing piercings.

*Please note that piercing prices are NOT posted online! If you wish to receive a quote, please contact me*

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