sales/export/products : Chinese herb medicine, herbal extracts,herbal Powder,herbal Slice,herb spices,herb teaetc.Ginkgo Biloba Extract  Ginkgo Leaf(Ginkgo folium)  CP2010 Grape Seed Extract  Polyphenols OPC 95% UV.Huperzine Serrate Extract, Huperzine A 1%,98% HPLC.Bayberry Bark Extract, Myricetin (Myricitrin )80% 98% HPLC.Ginseng Root Extract Ginsenosides 80%.American Ginseng Root Extract  (Panax quinquefolium),American Ginsenosides 20-30%HPLC.Bilberry Extract  Anthocyanidins 25%UV.Milk Thistle Extract (Silybum marianum)   30%Silybin(Silybinin A, B) 30%Silybin(SilybininA,B+Isosilybin A,B)(HPLC)Giant knotweed extract  Resveratrol 50% 99%  HPLC.Dihydromyricetin 98%.Oridonin extract,Blushred Rabdosia Extract 1-99%Gymnema sylvestre leaf extracts (Gymnemic Acid 25%;10:1)Salvia root extract,Dan-shen Extract,Salvianolic acid B,1-10%Tanshinone A1-3% sinopodophylum hexandrum extract,Podophyllum Resin 50%,90% Paeonia lactiflora Palls,White Peony Root Extract ,Paeoniflorin5%10%50%99%Epimedium Extract ,Horny Goat Weed extract (icariin5%,10%,50%)Coriolus Mushroom Extract (Coriolus Versicolor polysaccharide ) polysaccharides 30%,40%Tomato extract,lycopene 5%,10%shiitake extract  Lentinula edodes polysaccharide  30%Rhodiola Root Extract   Rhodiola Rosea extract  Salidroside 5-10% HPLC.Shikimic Acid  98%.Griffonia Seed Extract  98%.Cistanche tubulosa Extract  20%  40%.Chamomile Extract (Apigenin 98%)Apple root extract ( phloridzin 40-98%)Turmeric Root Extract(Curcumin 95%)Pine Bark extract 95%Green tea extractGrape Skin Extract Soy Bean Extract Ginseng ExtractOyster Extractmalt extract Red Wine ExtractPropolis ExtractHoodia ExtractBarberry extractEchinacea ExtractSeaweed Extract lavender extractPepper Extractapple extractStevia ExtractSkullcap ExtractPine Bark ExtractCitrus Aurantium ExtractAstragalus root extractDong Quai ExtractHorse Chestnut ExtractHorsetail ExtractNettle Root ExtractRose Hips Fruit Extract,passion flower extractOnion Extractmushroom extractCoriolus versicolor extractSiberian Ginseng ExtractGarcinia Cambogia Extract powderTurmeric Extract powderMomordica charantia ExtractHoodia Gordonii ExtracLigustrum ExtractLycium Chinese mill extractGarcinia cambogia extractea buckthorn extractBoswellia ExtractSophora japonica ExtractMilk Thistle ExtractLuo Han Guo extractDan-shen ExtractWhite tea extractGinger ExtractTribulus Terrestris ExtractChicory Extract / InulinGuava Leaf ExtractGymnema Sylvestre ExtractCurcumin ExtractBlack Cohosh Extract PowdeHonegsukle ExtractWild Yam Extract 16%Siberian Ginseng Extract 0.8%White Willow bark Extract 15%  25% 50%  98%Andrographis Paniculata ExtractOlive Leaf ExtractBupleurum Extract Polygala tenuifolia extractLicorice Extract  21%bamboo extract 70%  =========================================================================We are sure that you will find us as your ideal supplier with consistent quality most competitive price. I  m looking forward to your reply!  Sincerely, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------product: Plant Extracts and Raw Material,Natural herbs,medicinal herbs,Herbal Supplements,Spices,Vitamins--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Contact: Ningbo Dekang Biochem Co., Ltd. Natural products Arthur lee Fax:+86-574-83033289Mobile:+86-135-66347633 189-58214967  liqingliang@live.comSKype:plantextracts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   
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