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Professional makeup artist providing makeup & hair styling service in Hong Kong for weddings

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Wedding Makeup & Hairstyling

My team is specialized in wedding makeup and we have provided excellent bridal makeup service to more than 100 brides over the past years. We are so detail-oriented and attentive to all the customer's needs. We make sure they look fresh, stunning and elegant on the most important day of her life. The more brides feel comfortable, the more they feel confident on their wedding days.


Our team provides trial makeup service to the bride and try out different makeup and hairstyle that match your personality before the wedding day. Not only just the service but we do carefully select the products that we use. We believe communication is important between our team and the brides, we will work with you to understand your needs and meet your expectation.

You can get more detail from our website KRACE MAKEUP.

歡迎到我們的網頁看看我們更多的化妝相片 KRACE MAKEUP.

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