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賓館全新高級裝修, 每間房間配有空調, 洗手間, 電視, 電話和互聯網無線寬頻網絡(免費)

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2011-04-12 刊登者: 海怡賓館

香港海怡賓館位於尖沙咀鬧區彌敦道上, 附近有很多銀行和購物商場以及各國風味的食肆, 走十分鐘可到尖沙咀海傍欣賞著名的維多利亞港風景。

樓下便是尖沙咀地鐵站和的士站, 走幾分鐘就可扺達來往香港新機場的A21巴士站, 九龍火車總站和尖沙咀碼頭也近在咫尺。

賓館全新高級裝修, 每間房間配有空調, 洗手間, 電視, 電話和互聯網無線寬頻網絡(免費)。

賓館租金實惠, 單人房每間每晚HK$280 - 380, 每間每月HK$6,800 - 7,200, 雙人房每間每晚HK$320 - 480, 每間每月HK$8,200, 三人房每間每晚HK$450 - 600, 每間每月HK$9,500。

賓館職員可用多種語言和賓客溝通, 提供良好服務。

.Hong Kong Sealand Guest House is located in the center of Tsimshatsui district, the main tourist center and main hotel area in Hong Kong.

.There are plenty of banks, shopping centers and restaurants servicing cuisine of many countries.

.Beside our building, there are MTR Station, taxi stand and bus stop of Airport Bus No. A21.

.Near to Kowloon Railway Station, Kowloon Star Ferry and the famous Victoria Harbour.

.There are staff on duty all 24 hours.

.Internet wireless network is available in all rooms and free of charge.

Address : 香港九龍尖沙咀彌敦道80號金鑾大廈8字樓D座
Block D, 8/F, Majestic House, 80 Nathan Road, TsimShaTsui, Hong Kong
電話 Tel:
 (852) 2368 9522
傅真 Fax: (852) 2368 9500
電郵 Email:
[email protected]

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