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Laguna Pansol Hot Springs, Private Resort at Pansol Laguna

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overviewOnce you enter, you will see the palm trees which gives us the feeling of an oasis already.

Casa de las Palmeras is not only a spanish inspired villa, it also has touches of japanese whimsy and filipino decor. 
 Feel the rejuvenating hot spring water from our pools.
Located at Pansol, Laguna near Mt Makiling, PHILIPINES

This is the place for your vacation or gatherings!
Rest, relaxation and fun awaits for everyone.



Casa de las Palmeras has a spacious first floor that serves as a function hall for many activities;wedding receptions,birthday or baptismal celebrations, business conference, team building, reunions for family or alumni or just a weekend escape from the busy life of the city. 

The second floor has a vista of the surroundings of the house and beyond it. It is open to enjoy the breeze while you can sit and relax or view the pools below.  Lounging benches and tables are at your disposal as you watch the sunset. 

Come and visit to have a unique and wonderful experience.

 The amenities include:

1. Adult and Kiddie Pool

2. Jacuzzi

3. Kitchen (includes LPG) and Grill area

4. FREE usage! Karaoke (English, Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese and Korean Songs available) 

5. Surround Sound System

6. Entertainment System includes: Flatscreen TV and DVD player

7. Dream Satellite TV

8. Internet access,  WIFI

9. Rooms :two spacious rooms ,one Presidential Room located downstairs (with master bath , shower with water heater)

10. All rooms are air conditioned.

11.  Rooms with bathrooms have water heaters.

12. VERY spacious parking area

13. extra beddings, pillows and mattreses (upon request)

14. Chairs and Tables provided

 *Pool water all natural from hot springs and at 34 Celsius


 visit us at http://pansolpool.livejournal.com 

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