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Professional Programme Notes Writing / Editing Services

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Professional music-related translation services and programme notes writing/editing services for musicians, students and companies/organizations


Are you performing in a concert and thinking about putting your piece in context for the audience even before you start to play? 

Are you putting together a programme and worrying about how best to communicate your intentions to the audience? 

Are you entering an exam with a programme notes component and not sure whether your programme notes fit the examiner's expectations, or preparing for your viva and wanting to make sure you have covered everything you need to know? 

Whatever your worries or concerns are, as long as it is about writing about music, we are ready to help!

We are a group of professional musician/writers based in Hong Kong who specialize in writing about music.

The following are some of the qualifications held by our partners: 

Bachelor and/or Master of Music from overseas institutions or conservatories

Fellow of the Royal Schools of Music (FRSM) or equivalent 

Bachelor degree in English or English literature 

For enquiries or quotations please leave us a message at [email protected] 

**Because some of us are based overseas, please email us instead of calling our number (which is real but not frequently used) and we will get back to you either by email or phone as soon as possible. Thanks! 

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