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Affordable Violin Lessons

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Hong Kong Fiddle Studio

Hong Kong Fiddle Studio is a private music studio offering classical violin and fiddle lessons at our location in LOHAS Park, or in your home in the area. 
Exploring an instrument is a great way to expand your life experience! Hong Kong Fiddle Studio is committed to helping both children and adults develop a relationship with their instrument, providing a nurturing environment for artistic growth.
Hong Kong Fiddle Studio also offers fiddle group classes which gives students a community to learn in and grow as musicians. Fiddle workshops are also offered for free to music studios and organizations around Hong Kong giving the chance for violinists everywhere to develop new techniques and learn about the history and style of fiddle music including Celtic, Bluegrass, and Canadian.
Schedule your introductory lesson to learn more about our program!  
WHATSAPP: 9310 4332
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