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Experienced, bilingual & qualified teacher.

Holder of all 3 ABRSM Piano Performance Diplomas, including:


*Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music (FRSM)

每年所有樂器在香港及全球極少人考獲之 英國皇家音樂學院 最高之 鋼琴演奏 院士文憑 

*LRSM in Piano Performance (High Pass)

英國皇家音樂學院 鋼琴演奏 高級文憑

*Advanced Certificate in Piano Performance


 *Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Music 



In Theory of Music:

*LMusTCL, Trinity College London  英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院音樂理論高級文憑

*AMusTCL, Trinity College London  英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院音樂理論肄業文憑

 *ABRSM Grade 8 Theory of Music  英國皇家音樂學院8級樂理證書

-本人的耳朵天生已擁有絕對音準 (absolute pitch),如果學生彈錯音或在Aural 中的 singing tests 唱走音便會立即知道,並加以指導。

Born with absolute pitch.


-目前到本人家上課的長學學生來自香港仔,柴灣, 秀茂坪, 荃灣,天水圍 等地區。

-精教5級以上。大部分學生現正進修 ATCL 及 LTCL

- 逾15年教學及考試、比賽伴奏經驗。

-With over 15 years of teaching & accompanying experience. 

 有耐心, 細心,盡責。

-Patient and responsible.

-Advice on choosing suitable repertoire for your exams. 




部分學生之鋼琴 Distinction考試成績:





部分學生之八級樂理Merit (87%)及五級樂理Distinction考試成績:


I hereby offer for all ages:

1. PIANO lessons: from complete beginners, returners, grades 1-8 to various diploma levels (ATCL/DipABRSM/LTCL/LRSM) at $500-550/hour
各級鋼琴課程: 初學,1-8級,8級以上文憑級課程: 包括 ATCL/DipABRSM at $500/h;
LTCL/LRSM at $550/hour

Dont know what repertoire to practice after passing Grade 8? You can consider ATCL, LTCL or DipABRSM as your next goal!! Grade 8 is a very very common level nowadays, so why not consider upgrading yourselves? ATCL is really easy to pass if you are well-prepared before your exam, there is no need to worry too much about it! 


 1. For those who are planning to take their graded or diploma exams: Before your first lesson, if you have not chosen your pieces yet, I shall assess and observe your playing first, will give you some suggestions and choose a suitable programme for you. If you are on certain pieces that you have been struggling with technical anxiety for a long period of time, I may advice you not to waste anymore time on them and change new ones that suit you better. 


 2.  Sight Reading and Aural Training are included as part of the lessons for Grades 1-8, I would usually start coaching these at least half a year before your real exams. PS. In case if your own piano teachers do not have time to help you with your SR or Aural parts during lessons in the last minute before your exam, I am welcome to help you out in short notice.

2. QUICK STUDY Coaching for DipABRSM/LRSM PERFORMING or TEACHING candidates in your first trials or RETAKES.  (NB. There are some secrets of success if you are still struggling with this subsection!) Usually at least 5 lessons are required before your exams.

3-4. THEORY & AURAL TRAINING lessons for complete beginners & ABRSM Grades 1-8. Non-pianists are welcome. Individual or group tuition. Assist students in preparing for their ABRSM Grade 5 or 8 examinations. 


5. PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT REHEARSALS for all instrumental & vocal examinations at all levels:

including ABRSM Grade 1-8, ATCL/LTCL/FTCL, DipABRSM/LRSM/FRSM. Other occassions also.

伴奏費用 Rehearsal fee :

ATCL/DipABRSM: $500/hour

LTCL/LRSM: $550-600/hour





the annual Hong Kong School Music Festival in Febrary/March & other occasions. 


Fluent Cantonese & English speaker. Currently teaching several international & ESF schoolchildren. 



Tuition fee: negotiable by phone 



Location of lessons: at the start of Tai Hang Road, behind the HK Central Library in the Causeway Bay/Tin Hau areas. Parking available.


The location is only 2- to 10 minute-walk from a number of famous schools including the True Light Middle School of HK, Queens College, Li Sing (Tai Hang) Primary School, St. Pauls Convent School, Ho Tung Secondary School, etc. Schoolchildren of these schools can consider coming for lessons or rehearsals after school.  

Home tutoring is limited to VERY ADJACENT areas including the Wun Sha Street, Tung Lo Wan Road, 1-60 Tai Hang Road, Tai Hang & Tin Hau areas. Other than these areas please refrain from asking. Thank you for your attention.

上課地點:大坑道頭, 中央圖書館後面。銅鑼灣/天后。 有訪客車位。

地點鄰近多間著名學校:包括香港真光中學,聖保祿學校, 皇仁書院,李陛 (大坑) 小學,何東中學等。學生放學後步行來只需1-10分鐘 

 可上門教授地區只限大坑道1-60號, 大坑(包括浣沙街,銅鑼灣道等屋苑,)天后區。其他免問!

如有查詢, 請電聯或whatsapp 本人 6076-7454 或電郵至 [email protected]
Welcome for enquiries by phone or whatsapp at 60767454 or by email at [email protected].

請注意:如果閣下一開始 選擇以whatsapp發問,請註明閣下想學之科目,以便本人報價。For enquiries by whatsapp, please initiate by kindly stating your required subject and level. Thank you.  


鋼琴, 樂理
aural accompaniment 鋼琴伴奏
星期一, 星期二, 星期三, 星期四, 星期五, 星期六, 星期日
早上, 下午
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