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    TRINITY Examination Report is not a certificate COLLEGE LONDON ATCL Recital (Piano),Unit 1 Piano Recital ATCL Centre: Hong Kong Music Centre (286) Candidate name: Candidate ID:1-359536287 an¢ accurate performance which demonstrated ๑mpathy with the musikcal style of and awareness of the techniques. Tonal balance was good and the melody well shaped melody, with pedaling showing awareress of the harmony The sonata was payed - jdged teo ith some nmble fingerwork and a good leval of viality. the nusical centexrt and idion understoed but sone dynamic would have eshanced the overal effect and betber utilised the o understeod and the performance was playedt -jdged tempo, commanicating much nf the intemuty of the composers wting There wan a good leveil of tonal depth and resonance, consistency of tona baluance and effective use A controled and atmosgheric pertormance, with well voiced chords and a centrolled dynamk bud up which reflected the overal structure plece Delas wore well oboerved text
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    THEORY EXAMS ( oCTOBER 2016 樂理丏試12016年10月1第八級 A PAPEN 20 GRADE 8 ABRSM 42451 THEORY EXAMS (JUNE 2018 1 GRADE 8 ABRSM 樂理考試[2018年6月1第八級 B PAPER 2018 ximum Hark markwwarded 滿分 TND4127 15 10 ABRSM THEORY EXAMS ( OCTOBER 2018 1 GRADE 8 樂理考試( 2018年10月)第八級 S PAPER 2018 15 11 Maximum Mark 滿分 20 17 15 13 TNO 42788 25 23 ABRSM 15 12 THEORY EXAMS OCTOBER 2018 GRADE 8 樂理考試( 2018年10月)第八級 S PAPER 2018 Maximum Mark 25 24 mark awarded 滿分 20 15 得分 15 14 15 11 20 14 25 21 25 24 APPLICANT NO. 25 NAME OF CANDIDATE CANDIDATE NO. 25 19 Maximum Mark mark awarded Question 滿紗 避53 1. Completing the flute parts in an extract from a trio sonata by Hotteterre 2. Completing an extract from a piano piece by Reinecke 3 Writing a melody for either hon or cello using one of the given openings 15 11 完成賴内克剑琴曲的 根據指定開端為圓骘或大提琴寫作旋律 25 25 Questions on an extract from a piano piece may曲選段枏,,問題 25 25 5 Questions on an extract trom a violin concerto 與小提琴協奏曲選 相모的問题 100 100 84 100 Pass 8 Merit 66 | TOTAL 1100 總分  | Distinction  Text,Product,Font,Design,Screenshot
    THEORY EXAMS JUNE 2012 GRADE 8 樂理考試12012年6月1第八級 T Paper 2012 ABRSM THEORY EXAMS ( JUNE 2014) GRADE 8 樂理考試[ 2014年6月]第八級 ABRSM MaximumMark S Paper 2014 mark awarded IT NO.: 41163 15 12 THEORY EXAMS ( JUNE 2016 1 GRADE 樂理考試( 2016年6月1第八級 B PAPER 2016 ABRSM 15 Meximucm Mark mark wardad NO.: 40935 20 16 25 21 25 23 15 THEORY EXAMS ( JUNE 2017) GRADE 8 樂理考試12017年6月)第八級 B PAPER 2017 ABRSM Maximum Mark 15 mark awarded 滿分!得分 15 13 15 10 20 18 20 16 25 21 25 22 APPLICANT NO. 41567 NAME OF CANDIDATE CANDIDATE NO.: Maximum Mark mark awarded 滿分! 15 13 Question問題 1. Completing the violin parts in an extract from a trio sonata by Corelli 2. Completig an extract from a piano piece by Reinecke 3. Writing a melody for either oboe or clarinet using a given opening 完成柯賴里三熏奏奏鳴曲選段的小提琴聲部 25 22 15 9 20 14h 25 23 完成賴內克鋼 曲的選段 25 24 根據指定開端為雙簧管或單簧管寫作旋律 Questions on an extract from a piano sonata 與鋼琴奏鳴曲選段相關的問題 4. 25 Questions on an orchestral extract 與管弦樂選段相關的問題 5. 100 86 100 www.abram.an 100 87 Pass及格 Merit Bf Dis Text,Font,Design,Document,

(大坑/銅鑼灣/天后區)全職持FRSM鋼琴兼LMusTCL樂理女師 私授各級鋼琴 樂理 伴奏 (Whatsapp: 55005891)

鋼琴, 樂理, aural accompaniment 鋼琴伴奏
星期一, 星期二, 星期三
早上, 下午

Experienced, bilingual & qualified piano teacher.

Holder of all 3 ABRSM Piano Performance Diplomas, including:

*Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music (FRSM)

每年所有樂器在香港及全球極少人考獲之 英國皇家音樂學院 最高之 鋼琴演奏 院士文憑 

*LRSM in Piano Performance (High Pass)

英國皇家音樂學院 鋼琴演奏 高級文憑

*Advanced Certificate in Piano Performance


 *Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Music 


In Theory of Music:

*LMusTCL, Trinity College London  英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院音樂理論高級文憑

*AMusTCL, Trinity College London  英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院音樂理論肄業文憑

 *ABRSM Grade 8 Theory of Music  英國皇家音樂學院8級樂理證書

-本人的耳朵天生已擁有絕對音準 (absolute pitch),如果學生彈錯音或在Aural 中的 singing tests 唱走音便會立即知道,並加以指導。

Born with absolute pitch.



- Teaching & accompanying experience for exams, competitions and recitals since 2002. 

 有耐心, 細心,盡責。

-Patient and responsible.

-Advice on choosing suitable repertoire for your exams. 




由 2006 年起學生之鋼琴4-8級優異考試成績 (Distinction) :




部分學生由2013年起的 ATCL, LTCL 及 DipABRSM 考試成績: 

註: 本人2020年8月有一名13歲中一男生以71%考獲LTCL佳績!(他小學五年級已經考獲ATCL!)

由於他是參加錄影考試的, 所以未能提供成績參考。



2012-2018年之間其中8位學生之八級樂理優良(Merit) 考試成績:






I hereby offer for all ages:

1. PIANO lessons at all levels from beginners, returners, grades 1-8 to various diploma levels (ARSM/ATCL/DipABRSM/LTCL/LRSM/FTCL)
各級鋼琴課程: 初學,1-8級,8級以上文憑級課程: 包括 ARSM/ATCL/DipABRSM/

2. THEORY lessons for complete beginners & ABRSM Grades 1-8. Non-pianists are welcome. Individual or group tuition. Assist students in preparing for their ABRSM Grade 5 or 8 examinations. 


不設教授 AMusTCL 及 LMusTCL。  

3. PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT REHEARSALS for all instrumental & vocal examinations at all levels:

including ABRSM Grade 1-8, ATCL/LTCL/FTCL, DipABRSM/LRSM/FRSM. Other occassions as well.

伴奏費用 Accompaniment rehearsal rates:

ARSM/ATCL/DipABRSM: $500/hour

LTCL/LRSM: $550-600/hour




the annual Hong Kong School Music Festival in Febrary/March & other occasions. 


Fluent Cantonese & English speaker. 


Tuition fee: negotiable by phone/whatsapp  


請注意: 每天晚上六時半後不設授課。 

Not convenient to teach everyday after 6:30 p.m. 

Location of lessons: at the start of Tai Hang Road, behind the HK Central Library in the Causeway Bay/Tin Hau areas. Parking available.


The location is only 2- to 10 minute-walk from a number of famous schools including the True Light Middle School of HK, Queens College, Li Sing (Tai Hang) Primary School, St. Pauls' Convent School, Ho Tung Secondary School, etc. Schoolchildren of these schools can consider coming for lessons or rehearsals after school.  

Willing to travel to VERY ADJACENT areas including the Wun Sha Street, Tung Lo Wan Road, 1-60 Tai Hang Road, Tai Hang & Tin Hau areas. Other than these areas please refrain from enquiring. Thank you for your attentions.

上課地點:大坑道頭, 中央圖書館後面。銅鑼灣/天后有訪客車位。

位置鄰近多間著名學校:包括香港真光中學,聖保祿學校, 皇仁書院,李 (大坑) 小學,何東中學等。學生放學後步行來只需1-10分鐘 

 可上門教授地區只限大坑道1-60號, 大坑(包括浣沙街,銅鑼灣道等屋苑,)天后區。其他免問!

如有查詢, 請電聯或whatsapp 本人 5500-5891 
Welcome for enquiries by phone or whatsapp at 5500-5891 

請注意:如果閣下選擇以whatsapp發問,一開始請註明閣下想學之科目,以便本人報價及減少本人的問題數量。For enquiries by whatsapp, please initiate by kindly stating your required subject and level in order to reduce my questions. Thank you.  


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星期二 全日營業
星期三 全日營業
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