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Classical Guitar (古典結他), Acoustic Guitar (木結他)

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My Musical Profile

Joseph Lau, DipABRSM LRSM has been playing the guitar over 27 years and teaching it for 14 years. He has been playing the Classical Guitar as principle instrument and Acoustic, Electric Guitar as secondary instruments.
He started to play guitar with friends for some years and then formally studied with Mr. LAM Kun-Wong, a renowned local Composer and Guitarist, for about 21 years where he studied guitar, music theory and learned to be a Performer, Soloist as well as Ensemble musician. During his study with Mr. LAM, he has got the prestige award, the Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music in Guitar Music Performance form ABRSM(UK).

He has actively been participating in concerts, recording, masterclasses, workshops, international competition, festival as well as music exams.
Apart from regular study with his teacher, his guitar techniques and interpretation have also been influenced by other international figures, such as Prof. Alvaro Pierri and Prof. Eduardo Fernandez. He has learned from Prof. Pierri for 10 years who has come to HK regularly for music festivals organized by Chopin Society of HK.  

His favorite musical genre is alway classical music; Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern but he also interested in exploring other musical genres in which it requires Improvisation; such as Hymns, Folklore, Chanson, Latin, New Age, Pop, Rock and Jazz
Because of his academic training in Science and Engineering in which he got a BSc degree in Applied Physics from a City University of HK and studied the Master of Philosophy in Mathematical & Theoretical Physics from the same University, he is also interested in and familiar with Music Technology in which including Computer Music, Acoustic, Pro Audio and Recording.


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