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[已售](二手)medeli 505 electric drum 電子鼓

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2017-06-01 刊登者: goldretr11

送pre-owned PEAVEY Bass Amp, 鼓棍,

即買即玩 大埔區自取, 任試. 

此鼓主機部份運作100%正常, 收音部份如cymbal擦片等, 因屬損耗品, 音色當然不能和全新品比較, 合初學者練習


A challenge for drummers

The DD505 is a full-fledged drum kit with over 215 drum and percussion voices, combined in 30 sets. Whether you like Latin, Rock, Pop, Blues, Electro or Reggae, the DD505 offers all you need to play these styles. Use the standard drum kits or make your own, using your favorite voices.  

A complete drum kit

The rubber pads ensure an authentic playing experience; the realistic ‘feel’ enables dynamic play. All pads may be adjusted to suit your own taste to create the best setting for you. The weight of the cymbal pads is distributed asymmetrically to prevent them from turning during playing. All pads, cymbals and controllers may be adjusted independently and can be fitted with a reverb.

Learning and playing with built-in accompaniments

The sound module includes 50 songs in different styles for the drummer to play along to. Simply start the song of your choice and press ‘Drum Off’. The drum part is then switched off and you can play along with the accompaniment. Lost track? Just switch on the drum again, listen to the example, and try again. The ‘Lighting Guide’ offers full support when practicing the drum parts. Little lights on the sound module show where to hit. The module teaches you what to drum. If you are just looking for some metre support, turn on the metronome. Simply adjust tempo, volume and metre and you will never be wrong again.

The heart of setup, the soundmodule

The DD505 sound module has separate jacks for each pad. All pads and controllers can be connected quickly and easily by means of the included multi-cable. The controls are very simple and enable you to adjust the voices per pad, design volume-settings, control the metronome, or set the reverb. Illuminated controls take care of orientation even in dim-lit spaces.

Extension possibilities

The DD505 has audio exits to connect it to a drum monitor (AP30) or an external sound installation. The MIDI connection offers the possibility to connect the DD505 to the computer, using an optional USB/MIDI interface (MidiPlus T-Box). All the parts you play can be live recorded and played back, using a sequencer program. Ideal for study or studio sessions.



Configuration: 1x Kicktrigger (incl. Pedal), 4x Tom/Snare pad, 3x cymbal pad, 1x Hi-hat controller with half-open feature, complete with aluminum rack

Cables: included

Drum module

Voices: 215 Drum and Percussion voices, 20 Preset drum kits, 10 User drum kits (to be configured by user)

Accompaniments: 50 Songs for practice

Connections: L&R/Mono exit, Aux input, MIDI exit, head phones

Trigger jacks: Hi-hat, Crash/Ride, Hi-hat Control, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Kick

Controls: Start/Stop, Save, Kit, Voice/Volume, Song/Volume, Drum off, Click, Volume, +/-, Tempo/Tap, Voice Tuning, Reverb On/Off, Gain & Rejection feature, On/Off switch

Accessories: Bass drum pedal included


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