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Independent Internet Professional

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Now just ease back in your comfortable chair and relax. As you begin to read these words on your screen, you're starting to imagine your benefits slowly and surely increasing to the point that you can afford anything you want. As you continue to view these mental scenes your curiosity begins to grow as you continue reading this profile. You will come to my personal web site for a purpose and the purpose is to know more about me. The more you read these words, the more that you might find yourself wanting to know more about me. So, as you sit there reading this profile you're having many thoughts in your mind about who I am. It's your choice whether you send me a message now.

I am a professional Web engineer and Web Application consultant with rich experience and broad knowledge about Web site creation and application. My specialities include LAMP architecture and RIA technology. I have been creating and helping others create Web sites since 1999. I've a pretty wide knowledge about web application development, database administration and design, and server management.

Thank you very much for viewing my profile. Let me know if I can do anything to help you. Or if anything you read sparks a thought with you − feel free to share with me. For any inquiry, please feel free to contact me :-) Thank you!

URL: https://hkjoeli.gitee.io/

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