iXZON, founded in 1997, is an information technology and multimedia firm located in Hong Kong.  We provide multimedia and interactive web solution when the internet is still at the telephone-line-age.    We belive that computer programs and web applications should not be just function, it should be full of interactivity, design and suprise.    We assist many companies and museums to achive this goal in many applications, each application is a new challenge and success.     Our core business includes web development and programming service, Flash game production service and system integration service.  We always aim at providing high standard output to meet your needs.

All members in our programming team have 5 to 10 years web programming experience, holds bachelor degree of computer-related subjects.   Our multimedia expert has over 10 years experience in Flash animation and programming field.

Our service includes software program to hardware integration.

We basically divided into

- Flash Game Development
- Web Development
- System Integration
- Ecard & Presentation

Check it out with our individual field of speciality.

We can support Server / client programming, Mirocontroller programming and Electronics & Electrical integration.  iXZON provide extensive support on all scope in comupter and controls. Web design, web development, computer programming and animatronics control is no longer a problem.

iXZON Interactive Technology Ltd.
Address:     Unit 1306, 13/F., Technology Plaza,
651 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

Tel.:      (852) 2608-0826
Fax:       (852) 2868-9288
Email:     info@ixzon.com
Website:   http://www.ixzon.com/