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partner of most leading hardware and software vendors such as Compaq

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Established in 1989, Infocan's business focus is to provide information technology enabling and skills transfer services to organization users. Enable means to turn hardware and software products into productivity. To enable the power of technology, Infocan integrates software development, Internet infrastructure & connectivity, network installation and continue technical support services.
Infocan is a partner of most leading hardware and software vendors such as Compaq, Cisco, Novell, Microsoft and … Being the largest Microsoft official training partner in Hong Kong, Infocan has been awarded as their BEST Microsoft Technical Education Center since 1997. Last year, over 35,000 trainee-days have been delivered by Infocan's skills transfer program.

IT-Skill Transfer and Training

Infocan is a top class computer training and education solution company authorized by leading software/hardware vendors including Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Compaq, Adobe and Macromedia. We offer both instructor-led and computer base official curriculum of technical and desktop applications training. Located in prime and convenience locations in Hong Kong and Kowloon, Infocan has equipped with 300+ workstations and 20 servers in an Internet enabled structural networking environment, dedicated for IT Skills Transfer & Training Services.
The mission of our training services is to grow the number of worldwide recognized IT professional such as Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSE), Master Certified Novell Engineers (Master CNE), Certified Lotus Professional (CLP) and Compaq Accredited System Engineers (CASE).

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