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Can I learn how to set up my own VPN in China?

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Can I learn how to set up my own VPN in China? Of course you can, if you have the patience for it. First you'll have to get a server. You can rent a decent dedicated server in one of the data centers. Depending on your needs, it will cost from 15 to 100 dollars a month. You can also use a virtual server. Moreover, it is cheaper. VPN features Then you can try Algo's open source VPN scripts to configure all the necessary dependencies on your device. Installation instructions can be found here. Algo VPN is very convenient because it automates the process of setting up a VPN. In addition, if you use DigitalOcean, the scripts will even be able to create and configure the server, since Algo VPN uses the API of this platform. On the other hand, you can try using SoftEther VPN or OpenVPN to configure connections. However, you should know that setting up your own VPN has its drawbacks: The setup itself can be quite complicated if you are not technically savvy (even with all the convenience of Algo VPN). And it will be much more complicated if you try to set up a connection via OpenVPN or SoftEther. However, you will encounter some restrictions when trying to unlock content. In addition, you will not have access to dozens of different servers around the world. Of course, you can rent a server in each region, but then your spending will increase significantly. And since you will be the only user of the IP address of your server, you lose the advantage in terms of using a common IP address for all users, as is usually the case with a VPN Service.

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