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此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2022-01-09 刊登者: Alan Lee (李生)

• Available to meet through Zoom, or other software

• Finished my M.A., and BA (Honour) with the First-Class Honour (GPA: 3.99/ 4.00) in Economics at the University of Alberta.

• Working on my PhD in Economics.

• Passed the CFA Level 1 exam. Also, passed the CSC and DFOL with 80%+ in June 2013.

• Worked as a teaching assistant, contracted tutor at the University of Alberta,

• Worked as a contracted tutor for aboriginal students and a sessional instructor in Finance at the MacEwan University.

• Have more than 10 years of tutoring experience and Worked as supervisor in an education centre

• Tutored many students in MBA programs from many different universities in Economics, Statistics and Finance

I am available for Skype or Zoom sessions. I can also help you with following areas:

1. Mathematics

2. Finance

3. Statistics

4. Economics

Please check my further detail at my website: http://hk.sunnyknowledge.com

Please contact me at my WhatsApp number: 63656639

請聯絡: 63656639 李生, 查詢詳請

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