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英國名校畢業導師 IB/GCE A Level/IGCSE Psychology Mathematics Statistics 小學全科 初中英數 DSE 英文

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本人為英國著名學府倫敦大學學院(University College London)心理學系一級榮譽畢業生。在英國高級程度會考(GCE A Level)中考獲: A*(Psychology), A (Mathematics with statistics), A (History)

大學畢業後我曾獲英國劍橋大學取錄就讀工商管理碩士(MPhil Management) 。自小在英國成長,現任職科技行業。補習經驗豐富,學生多來自名校國際學校。

I have a few available time slots for A Level/IB students who want to improve their grades. I graduated from University College London (UCL) with a first class honours degree in Psychology. Upon graduation, I received an offer to study Management at the University of Cambridge. In A-Level, I achieved perfect or near-perfect scores in several exams including maths, statistics, psychology and history. I can help improve students’ problem solving and writing skills. Please feel free to message me for more details. Thanks.

WhatsApp 9578-4368

Email [email protected]



小學 (全科除中文)

初中 (英文及數學)


DSE (English)

IB/A Level/GCSE (Mathematics, Statistics and Psychology)

University Level (Psychology, introductory statistics)


地區:住將軍澳 優先考慮將軍澳綫、港島綫及觀塘綫

*Online tutoring available (可選擇網上視像補習)



IB/GCE A level - $450 per hour, $650 for 1.5 hours (minimum 1.5 hours per lesson)


IGCSE/DSE - $350 per hour, $550 for 1.5 hours (minimum 1.5 hours per lesson)


Junior form - $250 per hour (minimum 2 hours per lesson)


Primary - $200 per hour (minimum 2 hours per lesson)


WhatsApp 9578-4368

Email [email protected]

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