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20 yrs+ Experienced Science/Lab Teacher & Manager in HK.&CA; specialised in Phy, Chem., Bio., Math.

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Dear Students / Parents,


I am a Professional Science/Lab Teacher with more than 20 years teaching experience in H.K.; while in before, I was being chosen as the only Chinese-Canadian to work in a well-known Lab for more than 5 years in Toronto.  Both my high school and University studies were conducted in Toronto after my graduation of junior high school in H.K.  My expertises are science, physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.  I am a patient, calm and sophisticated teacher who was loved by all of my students in the past 20 years teaching in a H.K. secondary school.  My good reputation in both of my previous and current organizations have been proven by my long-time employment history.  I could be a very good personal tutor for you / your kids/ your teens.  


Feel free to drop my assistant a note via whatsapp at 9771-0965.  My assistant Ms Ka will arrange a further call meeting or meeting in person if needed.  Tuition fees are based on grading and timing.  Normally range from HKD 500 per hour (negotiable/changeable based on each special case).  

Looking forward to hearing from you the soonest!


Best regards,

Mr. Paul Monkey Lam

(9771-0965 Ms Ka for further queries/appointment)



1) Format:    Can do 1 on 1 private teaching at your dedicated location; will give a summary to parents of learning progress @class

2) Optional:  Can do Zoom teaching 

3) Targets:    Welcome students from kindergarten, Primary, Secondary to University

4) Pricing:    Tutor fees basic charge HKD 500/hour (negotiable based on each family's financial situation) 

5) Safety:     Wearing mask is a-must if 1:1 in person; Disinfectant of clothing as well as hands can be done b4 entering into your home if needed 

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