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外藉英語老師 IELTS 専家,Native English tutor 英文補習,澳洲醫生10年豐富補習經驗,Ielts ,celpip,phonics, 会話, 本人曾在澳洲任職急診科医生6年

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外藉英語老師 本職澳洲醫生10年豐富補習經驗 精通 Ielts celpip phonics
本人曾在澳洲任職急診科医生6年 大学在澳洲Sydney 畢業

豐富經驗 幫學生準備Ielts celpip   移民和入大学準備
互勳性質 容易學習 加強会語能力和改善口音

小朋友學phonics 加強会話時信心 幫小朋友面試時準備
説故事 人物角色扮演 生動有趣
上課地㸃 : 將軍澳區(其他地區請致電商議)
如用Whatsapp 61440604  請用英語 因本人不能閲讀中文,謝謝

Hello. I'm Lucy, an Emergency Doctor from Sydney.

Teaching is my passion and I have been tutoring for over 10 years. I have experience with a wide range of students, from children with learning difficulties to adults who are sitting their IELTS.

I understand that IELTS can be stressful as students are often pressed for time in order to obtain good results for university entrance or for citizenship application. Speaking appears to be tricky for most of my students and I have developed my own set of notes that covers frequently appearing topics in IELTS. I aim to help all my students improve in the shortest period of time possible.

Some of my students are currently sitting the CELPIP exam for Canada citizenship application, thus I am also available to tutor those who need help with CELPIP preparation.

For those who would like to improve their conversational skills and pronunciation, I offer tailored sessions for conversation practice (From everyday to business conversation to interview practices)

In addition, I offer storytelling, roleplaying and phonics teaching for children. I have experience in teaching a wide range of children including those with learning disability and I aim to make each session fun and interactive.

My fees start from 300 HKD hourly.

I am based in Tseung Kwan O/Lohas Park. If you are interested in receiving tutoring in another location please enquire on whatsapp. I am also able to offer tuition over skype.

Please contact me on whatsapp for further enquiries 6144 0604


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