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    令 Sal 45% 0:03 HORAC 最後上線於昨天23:27 t_ ) Desmond 最後上線於昨天21:27 Coming, 10 minutes late 13:58 2015年7月6日 If your original number is 752, then 2sf, If it's 750.2, then 3sf 19:40 2014年7月10日 7 in Math HL and A for Math EE 2016年6月27日 已進 Okay, it's great 21 23 您在此對話中所傳送的訊息和通話都 行端對端的加密,點擊獲取更多資訊。 7 for both math and physics 2014年7月25日 2016年7月6日 Thank you!! 20:04 Does your paper 3 in hk math include other topics in option 18:42 HL 1842 Hi derek just got my results 7 in phys 2302 Thanks a lot 23:02 It's great 21:27 list Maybe if I came a few months No Only that top ic 18:43 Topic 18:43 earlier I would be getting an 8 21:31 D 21:31 Congratulations 23:02 You're welcome 2302 2016年8月1日 Haha 21:32 Only the topic you choose: 翱入訊息 2016年5月23日 0 (9 人訊息 輸入訊息 많 ם P":11 20%,1 1 0:41 上午9:07 Marcu 最後上線於今天上午1:02 維 . 乙 最後上線於昨天下午6:17 2017年2月7日 at the top or bottom..? like pointing to the right..? 下午9:27 2017年7月8日 i think soo 743 lets see 7:43 hii i just got back my exam Then it doesn't point to center 此對話中的訊息和通 Text,Green,Font,Line,Screenshot

全職私人補習導師- Private Tutor ( 物理補習 、 數學補習 、 統計學補習 ) 香港大學畢業主修數學及物理。有豐富的全職 IB TUTORDSEAPIGCSEGCE-AL補習經驗。 聯系電話:6412-4748 (Derek Chan) 

高考成績: Pure Math ~ A Physics ~ A Chem ~ C 
會考成績: Math ~ A  Add-Math ~ A  Physics ~ A  Chem ~ B 

聯系電話:6412-4748 (Derek Chan) 
E-mail : ectutor2007@yahoo.com.hk 
Skype: derek31415926 (Scan QR code to get more information

                                       or Click the link:https://quantumeducationhk.blogspot.com/)

注:有小組或私人一對一兩種不同的補習方式, 歡迎家長或學生查詢、補習社合作 

QUESTION: Which Courses have I taught over past several years? 


International SchoolIB-Math / PhysicsSAT-Physics / MathAP-Physics / MathIGCSE-Math / Physics 
Overseas ( UK ): GCE-AL ( MathPhysics and Further Math )GCSE-Math / Physics. 


副學士 - Quantitative Method ( Poly U )Discrete MathematicsStatistics( HKU Space ) 

IVE - Quantitative Techniques ( QT )Electrical Engineering Principles 

University - Calculus ( Bath UImperial College London)Probability StatisticsGeneral Physics (Open U UST) Linear Algebra ( Warwick U )Differential Equation ( Toronto U )Elementary Statistics and Algebra ( Upper Iowa U) Math courses (Open U) 

Others - GMAT-Math 

QUESTION: Where are my students from? 


Internal school- Hong Kong internal school, Chinese international school, Island School, South Island, Sin Tin College, Yee Chung international school and Singapore international school, etc 


QUESTION: From which universities have my students obtained offers? 


overseas - MITUniversity of ChicagoOxfordImperial College LondonLancaster University, etc 

本地大學: 香港大學、中文大學、科技大學

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高中, 初中
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