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數學/物理/化學 - 英國劍橋大學碩士一級榮譽 - IGCSE/GCSE/GCE/IB - 大學入學試/面試訓練

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  1. 英國高考五科A* (數學、進階數學、物理、化學及生物學)
  2. 英國劍橋大學自然科學學士(一級榮譽)2013 - 2016
  3. 英國劍橋大學自然科學碩士(一級榮譽) (專修天文物理)2016 - 2017


  1. 兩年補習經驗(一年全職)
  2. 精通IGCSE/GCSE,GCE A-Level及IB課程
  3. 對大學入學考試及面試熟悉(e.g. TSA, BMAT, PAT, MAT, STEP)
  4. 過去兩年共有十一位學生成功考進牛津/劍橋大學科學學系 (e.g. 工程、物理、數學)


  1. IGCSE/GCSE,GCE A-Level及IB課程訓練 (數學、物理及化學)
  2. 大學入學考試訓練(包括TSA, BMAT, PAT, MAT, STEP及各種Cambridge college admission tests)
  3. 大學入學面試訓練 (牛津大學/劍橋大學/帝國學院)
  4. 進階課程訓練(主要適用於將會報考牛津/劍橋大學的四/五年級高中學生) (只限於數學及物理)
  5. 24/7 WhatsSpp指導(在課堂以外,學生可以用WhatsApp或其他通訊工具提問,本人一般可以在24小時內嘗試解答問題)


  1. 九龍/港島區
  2. 可以隨學生需要而定,一般在比較安靜的咖啡店或上門在學生家中

收費:$500 - 600 (per hour)


  1. (WhatsApp/電話) +852 5546 5484
  2. (Email) [email protected]


Tutor Background:

  1. GCE A-Levels A*A*A*A*A* (Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
  2. University of Cambridge B.A. Natural Sciences (First Class) 2013 - 2016
  3. University of Cambridge MSci Natural Sciences (First Class) (Specialised in Astrophysics) 2016 - 2017

Tutoring Experience:

  1. Two years of tutoring experience (one year of full-time tutoring)
  2. Experienced with various syllabuses including IGCSE/GCSE, GCE A-Levels and IB
  3. Experienced with various university admission assessments (e.g. TSA, BMAT, PAT, MAT, STEP)
  4. Over the past two years, 11 students were admitted to either Oxford or Cambridge University to study science-related subjects (e.g. Engineering, Physics, Mathematics)

Service Description:

  1. IGCSE/GCSE, GCE A-Levels and IB tutoring (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
  2. University admission assessments training(including TSA, BMAT, PAT, MAT, STEP and various Cambridge college admission tests)
  3. University admission interview training (Oxford/Cambridge/Imperial)
  4. Advanced extra-curriculum training (for senior high school students planning to apply to highly competitive universities such as Oxford and Cambridge) (only applies to Mathematics and Physics)
  5. 24/7 WhatsApp consultation (students are free to ask any subject-related questions on WhatsApp or any online communication devices at anytime, I will try to answer the questions within 24 hours)


  1. Kowloon/Hong Kong Island
  2. Depends on student’s needs, usually in a quiet Cafe or at the student’s home

Fee: $500 - 600 (per hour)


  1. (WhatsApp/電話) +852 5546 5484
  2. (Email) [email protected]
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