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港大英文 中大碩士 高考UE straight A 英國文學生 英文老師 提供寫文﹑改文及翻譯服務

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2017-09-25 刊登者: Izzy Chan

香港大學文學院學士 (主修英文/翻譯)​ 中文大學性別研究碩士  


曾幫助不少副學士學生進入心儀大學(本人代寫的論文,personal statement均獲A/A-),協助大學生應付大學功課。

不少學生升往心儀院校,如美國University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA),英國London School of Economics (LSE),University of Essex,加拿大University of British Columbia (UBC),University of Toronto (UoT)本地城大﹑中大等等。

Education Background

2014 - 2015: Master of Arts in Gender Studies (CUHK) GPA: 3.47 

2011 - 2014: Bachelor of Arts in English Studies and Translation (HKU)

2005 - 2011: St. Pauls School (Lam Tin)

Public exam results and notable academic achievement:

HKCEE - English Language: A, Chinese Language: B

HKALE - Use of English: A (A in all sub-categories), Literature in English: B

Awarded scholarship for Best in English

Scored A- in Long Translation Project (translated 20 pages of Chiung Yao 瓊瑤​s Outside the Window 窗外​from Chinese to English)

Professional experiences:

-​5 years of professional experiences in translation, editing, article writing, and teaching

-Worked with international brands such as Nintendo, Sony and Panasonic, and local companies such as The  Fringe Club, SharpMotion, Dragon Centre (Sham Shui Po), Chinese Medicine Clinics and publishing companies on translation projects 

-Conducted Business English and IELTS classes for adults and post-secondary students

-Directed English learning sessions in HKTA YY3 Secondary SchoolCognitio College (Hong Kong)Notre Dame College and a couple of primary schools


英文改文、編輯服務   包括命題資詢、大綱編輯、 詞匯配搭、 代寫服務 (包括副學士essays)



普通英文編輯服務   包括公司信件/法律文件廣告/私人信件/網站翻譯/詩歌翻譯/論文翻譯 

因本人主修英文及翻譯,因此涉及的範圍大多是文學語言等等, 對翻譯書本詩歌有一定經驗

Tel: (852) 66716027 WHATSAPP 

E-mail:[email protected]mail.com

Please contact me for more info :) 

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