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科言教育中心 Science Tutor HKDSE / GCE / IGCSE / IB CHEM BIO MATHS PHYSICS. 補習科目 生物、化學、數學、物理。廣告電話勿擾

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Sci-Phile Education Centre (SPEC)


DSE/GCE/GCSE/IB Science Specialist
長期教授DSE, IGCSE,GCE及IB應考技巧 
教室設於九龍灣 (地鐵站5分鐘即達) 

Experienced teaching
Well-rounded after-class service, self study corner, Q&A. Practice makes perfect!
Full time teaching DSE, IGCSE GCE IB and other curricula 
Students from Kellett School, South Island School, King George V
Centre in Kowloon Bay (5mins walk from MTR) 
Ahead or Catch up


William 擁有英國謝菲爾德大學生物化學與遺傳學學士學位(榮譽)學位。在英國求學期間已為外國GCSE和A Level學生補習四年之多。返回香港後,他的全職經驗令他很快熟悉DSE, IB, IGCSE, iAL 的考試技巧和分別﹐達至融會貫通。他傑出的學術成就包括英國生物學,化學和物理奧林匹克獎牌,以及Mercer表彰獎,旨在表彰跨越廣度的卓越獎。William對解釋複雜的概念非常熱情耐心,常用引導學習法來啟發學生﹐讓學生不死讀﹐不爛讀。

Centre Profile
In Sci-Phile Education Centre (SPEC), students enjoy high flexibility and high quality after-class service. Students can enjoy free self-corner, free question asking after class. We hope to teach not just for exam, but teach how to learn. We are not just aiming for high grades, In fact, we want to shape students to be happy academically and socially. 

Teacher Profile
Mr. William Chan has a Bsc (Hons) in Biochemistry & Genetics from the University of Sheffield, UK. He was a private Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths tutor for four years in the UK, focusing on GCSE and A Level students. He has also been a successful full time tutor for IB and IGCSE students in Hong Kong. His outstanding academic achievements include the British Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Olympiad medals as well as the Mercer Exhibition Prize in recognition of Excellence Across a Breadth of Study. Mr. Chan is highly enthusiastic and patient in explaining complex concepts, enabling students to engage in his lessons by triggering students passion for learning.

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