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Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for HKDSE/IGCSE/IB/AP

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2017-02-08 刊登者: Poon Sir

 Teacher Profile - Poon Sir

Master in Science – Electrical Engineering, University of Southern University南加州大學 電子工程碩士

Master in Science – Information System, Eastern Michigan University 東密歇根大學資訊系統碩士

·         Specialise in IGCSE/IB/HKDSE/AP  Mathematics and Science

·         Customize studying materials for effective learning

 Class Features

·         Small group teaching

o   Pay more attention to each student’s need and be able to learn from each others

·         Exam techniques

o   Sharpen exam skills by learning and practicing the paper

·         Problem analysis

o   Understand the basis of the problem and how to handle each type of questions

·         Step-by-step solutions

o   Find better and efficient ways to do problems

·         Interactive lessons

o   Discussion is a proven method to learn effectively,  and it is also fun

    University College London  UCL(英國倫敦大學學院)
    University of Bath        (英國巴斯大學
    University of London        (英國倫敦大學    
    University of Lancaster    (英國蘭卡斯特大學
    University of Hong Kong    (香港大學
    City University of Hong Kong        (香港城市大學

Experience with teaching students from the following schools

·         Shatin College

·         German Swiss International

·         Renaissance College Hong Kong

·         Yew Chung International School

·         Diocesan Boy’s School

·         South Island School

·         International Christian School

·         Hong Kong International School

·         St Mary’s Canossian College

·         Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

Whatsapp: 9331 3177                                Facebook: FunAtKingsAcademy

九龍太子彌敦道789 健峰保險大廈907 (太子MTR  exit E 轉左步行約2分鐘)


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