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$1000 包兩小時上門補習 ,(首十個學生加送兩小時SKYPE)及一個月無限線上問功課 IGCSE IAL IB

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全職私人補習導師 - Private Tutor ( 化學補習物理補習 、 數學補習 )畢業(2012)於英國倫敦帝國學院(Imperial College London)世界排行第6,主修化學(Major Chemistry), 副修物理(Physics)及化學工程(chemical engineering)並獲得(2.1 honours degree)。




聖誕節特訓班 - 專業個人筆記為每個學生度身訂造,並提供不同程度的筆記,保證適合不同程度的學生,短時間內解決所有學科難題,並為下一年課程作充足準備,歡迎試堂



有豐富的全職 IB, IGCSE, GCSE, GCE AL, DSE補習經驗。

有小組或私人一對一兩種不同的補習方式, 歡迎家長或學生查詢


I graduated from Imperial College London (currently ranked 6th in the world). I major in chemistry with ancillary courses for physics and maths. I am a full time private tutor teaching mainly chemistry, physics and maths. I teach all different levels from Form 1(Grade 6) to Form 7(Grade 13). I have been teaching GCSE, A level and IB course for over 3 years. I provide lots of teaching materials including notes and past papers.


Most of my students grasp the examination techniques quickly with lots of practices and professional advices from me. Over 90% of my students obtain A/A* grade both GCSE and A levels.


I also provide lots entrance exams and interview practices for my students. With both strong academic results and experience in interviews, most of my students got offers from top schools and universities.


Xmax Special training class – Provide solutions for all academic problems and prepare for next year courses with lots past paper practices.



Mobile :65759526 (Peter) (Whatsapp available)

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