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Native English Teacher (IB/IELTS/TOEFL/SAT) 外藉英語導師私人上門補習服務, 精補國際文憑 / 雅思測試輔

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Educational background: UBC, CUHK, HKU

Work experience: Google and other MNCs



Teaching qualifications: Trinity TESOL, PGDE (in progress)

I am a native English speaker from North America, currently studying at the University of Hong Kong. I have years of experience in tutoring a broad variety of subjects to a wide range of ages - I have tutored children as young as kindergarten, all the way up to young adults who want to practice business English.

Listed according to strength, I can hold tutorials in the following areas: English, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and History/Humanities/Social Studies. I can teach according to the Hong Kong curriculum or the International Baccalaureate (IB) syllabus.

My rates are determined with respect to the student's overall situation, travelling distance, ect. Typically, I ask for $500/hour for Secondary students and $300/hour for Primary students preparing for examinations. These rates are for 1 - 1 private tuition and can vary on a case-to-case basis.

For those who want to improve oral communication but want something dynamic, we can also practice English while playing various sports, such as tennis, badminton, squash, ect. I believe in "mens sana in corpore sano" (Latin for "a healthy mind in a healthy body"!).

Please feel free to WhatsApp me at 6137 1080 (or email via 88DB) with any queries that I have not addressed. Best regards to you.


本人為北美藉英語導師, 現就讀於香港中文大學。本人擁有豐富的教學經驗, 曾為不同年紀(由幼稚園學童到成人商業英語)及不同科目的人補習。 本人只會用英語授課

跟據能力排行(由最強開始): 英語, 生物化學, 生物, 化學, 數學, 歷史/文科/社會學。我可以跟據香港或國際文憑的教學制度授課。

除了學術科目外, 我亦願意教授網球, 羽毛球, 壁球, 舉重, 划艇及射箭

如有查詢, 請隨時與我聯繫(透過88dB的電郵地址)。 祝您安康!

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