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Miss Lai

Master of Science in Actuarial and Investment Science
Honour Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics (University of Toronto)
more than 10 years of tutoring experience in Hong Kong and Canada
Past students achieved A* in IGCSE Math and Level 7 in IB Math HL, Math SL and Math Studies

Ive taught students who were in Grade 8 to get A in IGCSE CIE Mathematics exam.
I believe Math is an art of simplifying complexity. Hard concepts and confusing topics will be taught in a direct and exam oriented way. 

Students are from:
West Island
Victoria Shanghai Academy
Singapore International School
South Island
Australian International School
Hong Kong International School
German Swiss International School
Canadian International School


Students results:

K**** - West Island - Math SL - Level 7      Math IA - Level 7

Ra****- West Island - Math SL - Level 7    Math IA - Level 7

Les*** - VSA - Math Studies SL - Level 7    Math IA - Level 7

YT - VSA - Math Studies SL - Level 7    Math IA - Level 7

Joy** VSA - Math HL - Level 7     Math IA - Level 7



Kris*** - French Int - IGCSE Math - A*

Em***- Singapore Int - IGCSE Math - A* - 98%

K*** - West Island - IGCSE Math - A* - 97%

H** H** - HKIS - IGCSE Math - G8 took the exam - A - 80%


More good results to come! :)

Please visit my personal profile website http://mathtutorkaren.wix.com/ib-igcse-maths-tutor for more information about my lessons.



IB Math SL / IGCSE Tuition Fee: $600+ / hr (depending on lesson locations)

IB Math HL:  $650 / hr 

Monthly Online Math Support: $880 / month, visit http://mathtutorkaren.wix.com/ib-igcse-maths-tutor#!math-lessons/cev3 to learn more.

Schedule a Trial class now! ($300  / hr)

For enquiry, please email: mathtutorkaren@gmail.com


Whatsapp or TEL: 6225 9761

其他, 小學, 初中, 高中
數學, 純數
10 年以上