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Who are we?

We are a team of expert writers with professional experiences and academic background as follows:

- ALL Master Degree Holders: All writers have Master Degrees from local or overseas universities in Finance, International Business, Supply Chain, etc.

- Rich Working Experiences in Business Fields: Over 10 years of working experiences in the specialized business areas (Management, Supply Chain, Corporate Training,...)

- English Writing Experts: Up to 5 years of assignment, project, dissertation writing and coaching experiences for both Undergraduate & Graduate college students 


Whatservices are we offering?

We offer writing/coaching services of assignment, project and paper for the below subjects:

- Business Management subjects (Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management, HR Management, International Business, Risk Management, etc.)

- Marketing Management subjects

- Undergraduate or MBA dissertation writing/coaching


How to ensure our Service Quality?


- No Plagiarism: Guaranteed to fulfill principles of "No Plagiarism" by hand writing of every single case

- Highly Confidential: All personal information would be kept with highly confidential

- Huge Database of Referencing: Strong Database of literature, journal and academic articles for referencing purpose

- Harvard Referring: Use Harvard Referring style for referencing as to match with the requirements of all academic institutions

- Regular updating: Regular updating customers the status as to ensure close tracking of all cases


How to contact us?

- Email enquiry: [email protected]

Phone enquiry: (852) 6738-7757 

Pease feel free to contact us at any time for enquiries.





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