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讀寫障礙 / 行為治療/家庭治療/遊戲治療 / 自閉症 / 專注力失調 / 過度活躍症

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Working Experience工作經驗 ︰


2014-現今 提供育兒輔導,婚姻輔導,家庭關係輔導

2015-2016 Autism Partnership Ltd/ Aoi Pui School 愛培學校 - Programme Specialist

2014-2016 於多間小學及幼稚園提供遊戲治療服務


Education Background 教育背景:

畢業於英國曼徹斯特大學 (University of Manchester) 心理學系,理工大學家庭本為實務及家庭治癒碩士,現正於南加州大學 (California Southern University) 修讀臨床心理學博士




Service 服務:



One of my student (P.1)︰

He is diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and has learning difficulties on reading and writing. On the first day working with him, He could only stay on the seat while writing, he was back and forth between sitting and walking around. His working span on studying and writing was very short (5-10mins). He could not recognise and write A-Z at the beginning and his memory span is very short. He often have temper tantrum on adults including his family members and demestic helper once he cannot get anything he wants at the moment. 

His self esteem was very low, indicated by unwilling to learn and making a statement of "I will not be able to learn it" with tantrum. With such an image in his mind, it stops him from learning. After working with him for a month, his self esteem  was improved bit by bit to a level that he is willing to listen and absorb information. Recently he can self correct himself and also validate his mistake and willing to search for the correct answer.

After a month of working on his visual recognition and spacing issue, missing stokes while writing chinese words is reduced from 60% to 20%. He scored in English dictation while previously he only got zero. He can copy correctly when teacher is writing on the blackboard in school. He started to run his brain to memorise things he learnt by stopping me to give him hints. His emotion is much calm while working with me. He will ask me politely to end the lesson because he is exhuasted with studying. Now I am working with phonics with him in order to help him on spelling English words. 



如有問題可致電9662 0519查詢,以了解服務內容並為兒童的需要定出最適合的治療及/或教學方案。




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