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古箏教學 Guzheng Teaching / Online

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2020-04-27 刊登者: cch.nancy921942
How to prepare online Guzheng lesson
Hello everyone,
Due to the recent pandemic, many schools have suspended in-person classes. At the same time, more and more educational institutions and private teachers have switched to online teaching. The good news is that guzheng can also be learned or taught online.
In fact, I have many years of experience in teaching guzheng online. Originally, I decided to teach online because I wanted to provide a learning opportunity for overseas students. Often it is challenging for these students to find a guzheng teacher in other parts of the world, such as Mauritius and Jamaica.
Some people fear that online learning cannot deliver the same result. While online learning might not suit everyone, working hard and practising frequently can certainly enhance the rate of success. Some of my overseas online students in Canada and Australia have successfully passed the reputable guzheng exams administered by the Central Conservatory of Music. (Note: The CCOM administers exams every year in different parts of the world, including the U.S., Canada, Australia...etc.)

So, for those who are interested in guzhengs, regardless of your age, if you are unable to attend face-to-face classes for whatever reasons, perhaps you may want to try the online learning method.

There are many advantages of online learning. You can take lessons at home at any time comfortably. It eliminates the need for transportation, saving time and costs. Wouldn’t it be great to save the travel time so you can do more guzheng practices or do some other important things?

Of course, online learning has some certain restrictions. You would need to consider things such as internet speed and availability of a computer or tablet.

The following devices are recommended for learning guzheng online with me:

-High speed and reliable internet, preferably with Wi-Fi

-A smartphone or tablet (such as iPad)

-At least one music stand

- A tablet stand/holder

-Video software: Skype; Messenger; WhatsApp; WeChat

After-lesson service - After each lesson, I usually record a supplementary video for my online students. The purpose of the video is to reinforce the materials taught during the class, and clarify areas where students find most challenging. Students can then follow the video instructions to practice more at home at their own pace. Students are also welcome to submit their homework to me by video for feedback.

Teaching language : English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Feel free to contact me (choose one)

Skype ID: [email protected]

Facebook Messenges: Nancy Chan

WeChat: cch_nancy

WhatsApp: (853) 9219 3861


For more information about Guzheng lesson, Please visit my website.



You can refer below to see how my device is set up. If you have other suggestions, please let me know.


iPad and iPad Holder


Mobile(horizontal),Music stand(add a transparent tape to hold the phone) or iPad Holder

Another side (mobile vertical)


Guzheng teaching古箏教學 

        My qualifications: Chinese Central Conservatory of Music - Guzheng Grade 10, Grade 2 Certificate in Music Theory, more than 20 years of experience in teaching guzheng at Anglican youth centre, and experience in teaching at music centres and on-site. 
        I love the sound of guzheng. Guzheng is suitable for anyone 6 years old or above including adults. My teaching approach focuses on strengthening foundational skills, such as hand gesture, music theory and expressing emotions. 
        After having some basic skills, you can apply to the Chinese Central Conservatory of Music’s Guzheng Exam and music theory examinations.
          In addition to guzheng, I have also learned Guqin for many years.
   本人資歷: 中央音樂學院古箏演奏級,及二級樂理證書,  在聖公會青少年中心教古箏二十年經驗. 亦曾在琴行, 中學及上門任教.
   本人愛好古箏的音色純美,清麗,飄逸, 希望有興趣的大朋友或小朋友能認識"她"接觸"她", 適合6歲或以上的兒童或成人.
   教學著重基本功; 手型姿勢; 樂曲分析及情感表達. 不急功, 亦不怠慢, 因材施教, 有一定基礎後可以代報中央音樂學院古箏試及樂理試.
除古箏外, 現正修讀古琴多年.

現在本人主力在家中教, 家中有獨立琴房, 不受外間騷擾, 一人一古箏, 住屯門南浪海灣 (巴士站 : 豐景園,   輕鐵站 : 屯門泳池,  落車後行5-8分鐘就到.  交通路線圖 )
以下全是我的錄影,如要看自學的初級至中級 及 中央音樂學院的 1-9 級考級歌曲及練習曲,請到我的古箏網了解更多詳程。
Central Conservatory of Music Grading : Grade 1-8 practice 
 中央音樂學院考級:  1 – 8 級練習
中央音樂學院考級 : 8-9級曲目
Central Conservatory of Music Grading :  Grade 8-9 songs  
3. 綜合練習(變魔術)====================

1. Jackdaw playing in the water寒鴉戲水 
2. Snowy Mountain in the Spring Morning雪山春曉 
中央音樂學院考級 : 7級曲目
Central Conservatory of Music Grading :  Grade 7 songs  
  4. 掃搖(男兒當自強)====================

1. High Mountain and Flowing River(Shandon)山流水(山東曲) 
聯絡資訊 此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性
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