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Experienced piano teacher HK 英國大學音樂學士,LTCL (Distinction), 高級演奏級女鋼琴老師. 九龍,九龍塘,沙田,馬鞍山區上課

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英國大學音樂學士,LTCL (Distinction), ATCL, 高級演奏級女鋼琴老師

- 畢業於英國Bangor University音樂系,主修鋼琴演奏,師承註校藝術家/鋼琴演奏家Ms. J Frenklova,在畢業演奏會獲得一級成績。

- 已考獲聖三一音樂學院高級演奏文憑 LTCL(優異)

- 已考獲聖三一音樂學院演奏文憑

- 多次在大會堂,上環文娛藝術中心,St Johns Cathedral,英國Powis Hall等作公開演出

- 十多年敎學經驗
- 十多年伴奏,及教導樂理經驗。






請電/Whatsapp  Ms Chan 90885996 查詢



Ms Chan gained her bachelor of Music (Hons) at Bangor University, major in piano performance. She was graded first class at the graduation recital. 


Upon returning to Hong Kong, she attended Associate of Trinity College London(ATCL), Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL) with distinctions. She also gives public performances as a soloist and collaborative pianist in Hong Kong frequently.

Ms Chan loves to share the joy of music making to her students. She is devoted to piano teaching for 12 years; she teaches piano, music theory and plays piano accompaniment for various orchestral instruments and singers in ABRSM exams and School music festivals. 

she teaches from beginner to diploma levels, young kids to adults.


What you will learn your regular piano lessons:

- The ability to read music score.


- The ability to play music with confidence and enjoyment.


- To play the piano with good foundation- for example, good posture, fingerings, touch and pedalling.


- Paying attention into details; articulation, dynamics, phrasing.


- For more advanced levels; to thoroughly understand the background of a piece so as to play the piece with right style, mood and interpretation.

- Concentration!


And finally and most importantly, the love to play and appreciate music!


Lessons can be conducted at students home, or at teachers home in Ma On Shan.

Please Whatsapp or call Ms Chan at 90885996, or Email [email protected]  for more details.



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